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How bad do you guys think the head gasket is blown on this gst I just got


Probationary Member
Oct 22, 2022
Portland, Oregon
So I just bought a gst eclipse for $1500 guy didn’t know what was wrong with it I go to drain the oil and coolant rushes out with oil but it wasn’t milky it seemed it was separated like the oil sitting on top of the coolant but I was wonder since it wasn’t milky yet but obviously the head gasket is blown would the head be wrapped or is the head cracked there’s no pictures of the oil I drained bout but when I took the valve cover off it seems alright

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DSM Wiseman
Nov 19, 2011
oklahoma city, Oklahoma
A visual inspection will not tell you what's wrong. You don't even know it's a head gasket. Objectively all you know is there is coolant in the oil. I would at least drain the coolant also and see if there is oil in it and perform compression and leakdown tests. I would put coolant and oil back in the car first. If the head gasket is blown You might be able to spot it as soon as you add coolant and it will leak immediately into the cylinders. Water would work fine for this test also.

chrysler kid

20+ Year Contributor
Dec 20, 2002
Mckinney, Texas
Coolant in the oil is always a bad thing

It will settle and separate after its been sitting for a while

If you have seen any videos of the florida hurricane flood cars you will see oil sits on top of water when they drain the oil there's always tons of water first then oil

So long story short it will only be milky when the motor is ran and stirs the oil and coolant together. Coolant is extremely bad for bearings and can cause motor failure

You will need to remove the cylinder head and take it to a machine shop. And then hope the main engine bearings weren't damaged by coolant


Proven Member
Sep 9, 2021
Broomfield, Colorado
There's some things you can do to diagnose the issue short of taking it to a shop if you have time/tools/know-how.
Is there oil in the coolant too? A leak-down or compression test will show if your HG is blown at the fire ring, but not if it's blown only at a coolant passage.
You can pressurize the coolant system and see if you can pinpoint where it's leaking.
Another possibility could be something as simple as a crushed oil cooler:


15+ Year Contributor
May 20, 2004
Commerce City, Colorado
You can always verify the oil filter housing hasn’t failed internally. You can mix water and oil that way as well. No one else thought to mention that.


Proven Member
Sep 9, 2021
Broomfield, Colorado
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