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affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 24, 2008
rochester, New_York
okay i am going to be needing new tires for the summer and i have been thinking about going with hoosiers. I don't need them performance wise but i think they look sick. How are they for daily use/ is it recommended? I was looking into they 26″ Hoosier QTP's for the the stock rims, pics below are an example. Also where to buy them from. P.S its a 2g.
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15+ Year Contributor
Jan 29, 2008
tuscaloosa, Alabama
are those DOT legal?

And are they slicks? have fun in the rain


DSM Wiseman
Jan 29, 2008
Troy, Michigan
I wouldn't run those on the streets. Just buy a cheap set of wheels and tires. Save those for the track. As soon as any moisture hits the road, you'll go sliding. Ask my roommate, he's crashed his car twice in the last year because of bald tires and water. :ohdamn: And he's putting those tires back on after the snow finally melts....

HighPSI TSi Guy

20+ Year Contributor
Nov 7, 2002
Fredericksburg, Virginia
They are DOT legal and will not fit well on a stock rim.

They ride kindof bouncy and the car will handle like junk. Daily driving the car on them would be absolutely retarded. Great for a weekend car. Just be ready to get hassled. I get pulled over almost every time I drive my car and have to explain to the cops that they are legal. You will not be able to drive in the rain, at all. Not even a light rain. With them on all 4 corners you will not be able to stop if the road is wet at all.

Otherwise, if you need them to get traction, they work pretty good for that.

HighPSI TSi Guy

20+ Year Contributor
Nov 7, 2002
Fredericksburg, Virginia
The wheels in the picture above look to be stock GST wheels, what do you mean by not fitting well. I was thinking about getting some QTPs on GST wheels for my GST.

They will fit, just kindof awkward being only 6" wide rim with a 8" wide tire.. I wouldn't put them on anything less than a 7 inch wide rim, in my opinion they fit best on a 7 inch wide rim.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 22, 2007
Sheldahl, Iowa
Just wondering where do you buy these and what size are the ones on the 2g GST wheels. hoosiers website is pretty outdated and confusing.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 18, 2009
wichita, Kansas
OP, why would you buy a set of tires based on the way they look and not on how they preform? Just seems kind of foolish to me.


15+ Year Contributor
Dec 4, 2004
berlin, New_Jersey
There is no reason to run them, unless its for traction.

And also. Even the DOT qtp are NOT street legal.

Quote (Hoosier Quick Time Pro D.O.T. tires are designed and approved for D.O.T. class racing only. They are not approved , nor recommended for any kind of street use.)

The only real dot tires that are actually street legal are, drag radials like, mt et streets, bfg, or nitto drags, etc. It suck becaue i really wanted to run them and drive my car to and from the track, but i dont want to get hassled by the cops, and want everything to be legal, Or at least appear legal. LOL

I ended up going with BFG drag radials.
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