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2G Hesitation / Misfire at low RPMs


Probationary Member
Feb 15, 2012
Alton, Illinois
Okay so I tried looking around on the forums for an answer for this but nothing sounds like the problem I am having with my 96 GST.

So I recently bought a 96 Eclipse GST from a private seller. It ran really rough. We checked the car over and thought we could fix the problem. It was giving a lot of misfire/backfire, hesitation/bucking while accelerating. We figured back plugs/wires and the catalytic converter was glowing after the test drive so clogged cat.

We get it towed home and spend the next day sawing off the catalytic converter and we take it for a drive. ( One step at a time ) Still backfiring like mad. So on to the plugs and wires. We change out the plugs and wires and realize the kids we bought it from had the wires on wrong. I believe it was Cy one and three were backwards from the Chilton. So we of course put them in correctly. The car wont start. We put em back to how the kids had it, It starts. Stupefied at how this works we start doing spark tests all wires producing spark. So after about 30 minutes of messing with this my cousin puts the wires in backwards of what the Chilton says, Its turns over, It drives smoother then it had. And no more backfire. Now we just get misfires and hesitation during low rpm while accelerating.

While accelerating if you get on it kicks in and accelerates. Hesitation and bucking goes away. Occasionally, It will still hesitate and giving it hell don't work right away.

Anyone got any ideas?


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 30, 2009
clarksville, Tennessee
are you on the same fuel that the owner had? its probably old as hell, contaminated or something.

additional tips: check your brake booster hose, also check your FPR and its vacuum line.
and last for a boost leak.


Proven Member
Mar 27, 2011
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Dont drive it until you get this figured out.. had an issue veryyyyy similar to this and turned out my timing belt jumped teeth.. needed a new head after that.

+1 on that. I had the same problem and the same outcome. Not saying its definitely the timing belt, just a possiblity. Double check the timing marks.


Probationary Member
Feb 15, 2012
Alton, Illinois
No I was no longer on the same gas. However problem fixed I guess. I just got my cold air intake for it last night, After putting it on no more hesitation/missfire I guess it was a vaccum leak. We checked the old intake however it didnt have any rips so I dont know. But problem fixed.
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