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Her first ride on a flat bed


Proven Member
Sep 25, 2009
racine, Wisconsin
Well ive had my car since dec of 09 and it needed a flat bed to get home yesterday on my way home for lunch :cry:

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Below is after the damaged parts were removed
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I got the new baljoint in and axle in im currently looking for a fender but ive had no luck. Ill probly have to buy a new one and get it painted..

Anyone know how hard it is to match this silver/bluish sparkly paint? It will be painted professionally im just worried it wont match up to the factory color :(

BTW it was very painful watching it go on the truck with the front bumper getting scrapped really bad and same for when it was getting un loaded no damage to the bumper tho so its a good thing. The driver did everthing he could to help as you can see a 2x4 in one of the pics


Proven Member
Jul 21, 2011
Ottawa, ON_Canada
^^^ I agree, you would think you'd hear some clunking or other noises while turning.

Good luck fixing the car, hope it's back on the road soon!


Proven Member
Feb 11, 2010
Fresno, California
Dang this is like the 3rd person I see today whos balljoint goes out, I think it was even the same side too.... sorry to see that bro :(

I better replace mine asap!!!


Proven Member
Jan 19, 2011
Middleton, Idaho
I don't see how the ball joint can just fail like that without some sort of sign. Perhaps in all of these cases there are some warning signs / noises from the front end which are ignored and this is the end result?

Mine did not give ANY warning, luckly i was backing out of a parking spot and not driving down the road. I was just backing up, started to turn the a loud pop and the passenger side dropped and my wheel was up in my fender, but no damage other than ball joint. :hellyeah: sorry to see ## car like this!!


Proven Member
Jun 5, 2011
Cranston, Rhode_Island
There is no such thing as no warning for a ball-joint failure. It's such a stupid simple thing to check, both visually and audibly. Ball-joints creek before they fail from the deterioration and oxidation of the metal in the joint from being exposed to the elements with no grease.

To say it fails suddenly is to say a years worth of degrading took place in split seconds. Sorry, but some people need to face the truth, and start examining suspension noises and inspecting the joints every now and again.


10+ Year Contributor
Aug 11, 2009
Allentown, Pennsylvania
I replaced mine like 2 years ago because I was driving and it was making a weird sound and I looked under the car and it was loose. How could there be no warning signs? or are you not listening to them. :hmm:


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 2, 2009
Appleton, Wisconsin
When I had my passenger side joint pop out I never noticed any sounds or anything until one day doing 65 it popped out, luckily nothing was damaged besides the arm. I did end up replacing it in a parking lot that I managed to drive into.


Proven Member
May 11, 2009
miller, Indiana
same happened to me a month ago i got my balljopint replaced under the recall for free
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and yes yes i know RICE RICE RICE yada yada . But the bumper i got for free when my original one broke so i didnt complain :p and i know i can fly to space with my wing and so on and so forth


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 8, 2010
Burlington, New_Jersey
Man that sucks. In regards to getting a new fender painted, I recently had a new bumper and the center tail section painted and it is just about a perfect match. I was worried about it not matching, as silver is one of the hardest colors to match, but it came out good. The painter I went to had 14 different color samples of the A52 silver minden pearl, we just picked the one that matched best with the paint on the car.

P.S. might as well get the side skirts resprayed at the same time.


Proven Member
Sep 25, 2009
racine, Wisconsin
Here's the best i could get it till i get a new fender
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Also for some reason my driver's side started rubbing on the fender when hitting bumps before this happened nothing rubbed and now i have the driver's side wheel rubbing when i hit bumps.. Anyone have any idea why this could be?
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