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help me if u can .... please

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
May 7, 2003
unityville, Pennsylvania
I am currently working on a 90 laser RS turbo fwd 5spd, car has nearly 150k, the problem is after doing a head swap on it I can't get it to run properly. Timing and everything is set up correct so it has to be something else. It starts and idles and even revs up to about 2500 rpm's with little to no hesitation or missing, but at 2500 it starts hesitating and missing badly and won't rev above 3000 rpm's at all.. you can hold the pedal to the floor and it won't rev any higher just misses and carries on.
Also, with the key in the on position it makes some sort of noise around inside or near the intake manifold and if I unplug the wire plug attatched to the passenger side rear part of the intake the noise stops and the car still starts and runs the same.
Any ideas
please help
thanks in advance
i just read something on this but look into your egr valve..might have to do with this..
looked into that today, replaced it, but still having the same problems any other ideas.... ANYONE
ok, I found several small problems (fuel injector leak and a vacuum leak) which I think I have taken care of and now I am in the process of testing my power transistor which I belive to be bad and causing the misfiring and fouling plugs.
Help me out if u can .... when I test the power transistor for continuity following the instructions in my shop manual i get a negative reading for the first test and a positive reading for the second test. The book doesn't show a range of readings so i don't know for sure but I can't imagine that a negative reading would mean that it is any good.

Anyone know anything on this?
Once again its a 90 laser with the 5 pin plug
aim: fast92gsx (may be easier)
Car is still not running right, I need an expert on this one I think ....
It still runs and idles fine but misses when revved up and won't rev above 3000 rpm's when held at wot. fouling plugs and omitting lots of black smoke.
-no CEL light and nothing found by the diagnostic tool at the dealership.
-checked and replaced: power transistor, isc motor, fpr, fuel filter, and egr valve. cleaned injectors, cleaned TB, replaced injector seals, new plugs and wires, checked all vacuum lines with diagram to be sure correct, what am I missing?:confused:
Thanks in advance
When I got my car the turbo wasnt boosting at all (and the car wouldnt rev about 3k rpms) I drove it home from where I bought it in new york to maryland, halfway home it just started boosting out of nowhere. I think the wastegate was stuck open but not sure. Havent had any problems since.
I was curious tonight so I unplugged the airflow meter and now the car opens up to wot but has a slight hesitation, maybe b/c it is unplugged but at least it will open up. Does that mean the meter is bad? if so why wouldn't the diagnostic scanner pick up on that?
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