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guess who's back, after fighting my way back from hell


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
hello to all my longtime DSM brethren, those of you who remember me know that I took a break because of some health issues I was dealing with. I won't get too long-winded as I'm driving a 14 hour stretch right now. but I will say I still have the DSM she's worse for wear and for some reason even after a flywheel swap this January I cannot keep a starter in it at all.

but the real good news is due to advancements in the study of my rare liver condition autoimmune disease. the doctors are now saying that I stand a chance of living a reasonably long life and that even if my health doesn't continue on good as it has lately I would also be a candidate for liver transplant now which could help prolong things.

now with all the good news is I am broke as a joke, spent a year homeless living in my DSM and in the storage shed and seen and lived through events that as they say if you didn't tell me it only made me stronger.

I do need a new shelf for the Mitsubishi because I was hit hard in the right rear quarter and due to a long time Nebraska whole trust issue there's just no point in fixing the current body I have.

and now that I'm living back on the east coast for now at the Ohio West Virginia border and no longer homeless. this car is something I no longer want to do drive but hope to go and just make a toy race car out of.

I figure since things have improved and I'm out of the darkest part of the woods that the old dsmtuners for him I miss so much was something that I made once again have time for.

so I just have to say it's going to be good to be back here at the forum and from browsing around tonight for a few hours it's good to see that there's a lot of old faces still here.

as for anything else if you want to know ask me. if I don't want to answer honestly you'll get a smart ass reply a usual


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
at the moment I'm in Coralville Iowa driving a straight shot through to Miegs County Ohio/ravenswood, wv. which is where I'm staying for the time being


Proven Member
Jan 30, 2010
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Glad your back. Hopefully all the worst is behind you now.


Supporting Member
Feb 9, 2008
On a Jet Plane, Illinois
wow... glad to hear that you are doing better! That's quite a story! hope you continue to improve and can find stability!


Proven Member
Apr 28, 2008
Eugene, Oregon
Super happy to see you back Glenn, one of the few people on the site I'd trust knowledge from without a second thought. It's good to hear things are going better. If you find yourself in a situation like that again in the PNW, I'm sure there would be an open door for a DSM'r like yourself.


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
Thanks for the well wishes, and the welcome back. I'm optimistic that the worst is behind me based on some New advancements in the treatment of my condition.

I'm going to try to make this a brief explanation of the last couple of years for those that knew what was going on and maybe wondered and for everybody going what the f*** are they talking about... (but those who know me know my posts are books, I'll try to make this one a brief newsletter LOL)

Less than two years ago the most knowledgeable doctors who specializes in autoimmune disorders were telling me that I wouldn't make it another 10 years alive, and there wasn't a week went by that I wast in the hospital for at least 2 days. but over the last year my condition has actually eased up quite a bit, and I made sure to take all the medications I'm supposed to, so things are better already, and it feels good to have something to base some positive thoughts on.

going from a daily working person of 46 to 50,000 a year down to someone who couldn't work a steady week, divorced my wife because she didn't understand lost my house because I couldn't stay out of the hospital, and the one good thing I lost was worry, when you got the people who are supposed to be helping you all telling you you're going to die suddenly bills and other daily stresses just aren't important.

as for the year of being homeless I kinda felt like God just wanted me to die and I wanted to prove to him that no matter what I went through that was a decision I was going to make nobody else, so is like I was torturing myself like when Lieutenant Dan was up on the mat of the boat during the the hurricane basically trying to be more self destructive then my health could be, because I felt that was the only thing I could control. then like a year ago , I got in with a new specialist surprisingly at a woman's hospital, she changed all my meds and started to tell me about the first successful transplant of a liver to cure my condition was actually accomplished with a great improvement in quality of life for the person and then all the sudden living was an option that was back on my table, I decided I wouldn't waste anymore time loathing, so I started selling off the meaningless toys like dirt bikes and other stuff, got an apartment and am now trying to rebuild something and undo the brainwashing I had to do to myself to accept that I was supposed to die although with the nature of my condition it can flare up and I could be dead in 2 days, but that's really no different than the risk I take every time I get on my motorcycle... Sweeney who long story short I guess I'm going to start playing with cars again, and spending some time on the internet. but I still don't think I'm going back to watching cable television LOL I can honestly say I haven't even hooked the cable to my television in over 2 years :)

but now I'm faced with the task of finding a DSM shell to put my built motor and driveline into and doing it on a tiny budget, but I'm hoping I can start working again on my own shop couple days a week and maybe change that


Proven Member
May 17, 2013
over yander, Idaho
I've read many of your posts throughout my brief acquisition of dsm knowledge, tough break, I'm glad there's hope and that it's looking optimistic! Maybe some of the East-Coast DSM'ers will keep an eye out for a nice shell for you! Rock on brother, never give up hope! :hellyeah:

Last edited:


Supporting VIP
Sep 13, 2012
St. Paul, Minnesota
Glenn, Welcome back! Life threw you a real curve and thanks for sharing your story of how you turned it around. We all love DSM's here, but there is so much more going on in everyone's lives than we know about. You are an inspiration to us and we hope you enjoy being back in the 'Tuners community. Thanks for coming back to share your knowledge and experiences.


Proven Member
Aug 22, 2010
Erie, Pennsylvania
Honestly I was thinking about you the other day. Was wondering how you were doing and this is great news. From one person that's been through hell and back with medical problem glad to see you're back! Let us know if you need anything man.


Aug 15, 2009
Augusta, Georgia
Last time we talked, I think it was about backpressure. I am glad to hear the good news for you and hope that it only gets better. Keep at it and you will find that shell soon. Look forward to talking with you in the future.



DSM Wiseman
Sep 29, 2003
OKC, Oklahoma
Glad to hear your situation improved, Glenn! And welcome back to the board!


Proven Member
Aug 14, 2010
Rosemead, California
Glad you're back! I was missing your insightful posts on DSM mods.


Jun 13, 2002
Hillsborough, North_Carolina
Glad the health is improved, but just ditch the car. Fiscally unwise decision. Buy a Honda and get stable.
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