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Getting tired of your DSM

Posted by rampridersrider, May 4, 2005

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  1. rampridersrider

    rampridersrider Proven Member

    Joined Dec 24, 2004
    Creve Coeur, Missouri
    I was just wondering how many people here get tired of there DSM's. I bought my car just as a daily driver (which its done wonderfully) and am looking for a 1ga TSI awd in a couple months. Does anybody every get bored with there car at all because I do with everything I own and I seriously hate to drop the bills on a TSI and then get bored with it.
  2. DSMcamaro

    DSMcamaro Proven Member

    Joined Feb 25, 2005
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    i never get bored with a turbo under the hood :talon:
  3. dirk3

    dirk3 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 25, 2004
    pleasant hill, California
    Naa never bored. When I'm drivin it's a blast. When it's parked there's allways something to do to it.. Yea Never bored...
  4. bhop

    bhop Proven Member

    Joined Aug 26, 2004
    Los Angeles, California
    I get bored all the time and when I hear the rattles and look at the puddle in my parking spot and I want to get rid of this piece.. but then I go to an event like MOD, or just floor it on a freeway ramp and listen to the sweet sounds of boost and i'm back on the Mitsu bandwagon again..

    I have owned my car since '97 or '98 (i can't remember) though so it's only natural to get bored over that amount of time, in my opinion.
  5. D_Eclipse9916

    D_Eclipse9916 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 4, 2004
    Vienna, Virginia
    Although ive only had dsms for the past 2.5 years, I dont get "bored" of them. During the summer the car feels "right" and everything seems awesome when youd riving it. During the winter its tight as hell as you drift that bi*** in the snow. The only time I dont like driving is in the rain, you cant have the windows down and I guess I have a phobia but I literally get sick and dont feel well without fresh air. Yes, I am one of those dsmers you see down the road in the middle of winter with all my windows down ROFL . Yes it has snowed in my car a few times not on purpose. But in the rain, I dont like to drive any car so thats no biggie!

    Edit: thats why you have friends with 240s so you can ride with them in the rain, now THAT is scary and fun although I miss driving my car the whole time.
  6. jfdid

    jfdid Proven Member

    Joined Dec 18, 2003
    I don't think bored is the word for it. I get annoyed sometimes driving in traffic, listening to some rattles, and the lack of low end power. The rattles are my fault, but the low end power thing is just inherent.
    On the other hand, when the car's right and all things click into place, there's nothing like a WOT run in one of these girls, especially if you put some work into it. They're kind of a sleeper to a lot of people, and you'll certainly surprise a lot of people.

    Bored's not the word.
  7. destruckeclipse

    destruckeclipse Proven Member

    Joined May 23, 2004
    San Diego, California
    The fact alone that you will be upgrading from a N/T will keep you happy for awhile, if you get bored of it, just means you need more power :D
  8. paranoidTSi

    paranoidTSi Proven Member

    Joined Dec 27, 2002
    none, Utah
    I have had mine for 2 years, I'm not bored with it, I'm annoyed by the fact it breaks down so often. I hate it when its broken down and swear I sell it, but once I get it running again I keep the stupid money pit bastard from hell.
  9. JessesTalon

    JessesTalon Proven Member

    Joined Dec 13, 2003
    Beaverton, Oregon
    Everytime you get pissed/bored/annoyed, just turn the boost up 1 psi...

    within a week your motor will be toast ;) :sneaky:
  10. housegsx

    housegsx Moderator

    Joined May 28, 2004
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania

    Well said! I couldn't agree more. Today everything went wrong with it so I kicked the front bumper as hard as I could. It felt so good! Go ahead just give it a kick. Oh my bumper is torn underneath and needs painted badly so it's the perfect place to kick. LOL Like stated earlier, bored is just not the word. I do get bored fixing the thing a couple times per week for some stupid problem.
  11. turbo90gsx

    turbo90gsx Proven Member

    Joined Feb 12, 2004
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Never gotton sick of it. Ive had it for almost 2 years now. One of the reasons I havent gotton sick of it is because there is always something more I can do to it, and when I breaks I feel like it loves me because it always wants soooo much of my time:p. Not to mention that even for a 1g its a babe magnet, especily when you glue their brains to the head rest upon launch :D.

    701  0

    1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    10.780 @ 131.380 · 1G DSM
  12. rampridersrider

    rampridersrider Proven Member

    Joined Dec 24, 2004
    Creve Coeur, Missouri
    I don't think I would get bored with my car if it was a turbo car at least. I don't like doing a bunch of exterior mods, doing interior stuff, and doing performance enhancing mods to a car that isn't even worth it. I am not into doing anything out of the ordinary unless you have the motor to back it up and it being a 420a then I obviously don't. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on it. All show and no go is to... well I guess the word to use is "ricerish" so I keep it simple with my DD. Hopefully within 3 months I will finally have what I have wanted for so long. Yesssssss.................
  13. Defiant

    Defiant DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 13, 2003
    glorious Galt, California
    Halle Berry's husband gets bored (partly because, just like a DSM, she's a bi***).

    Welcome to being a human. :toobad:

    3K  0

    1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 2G DSM
  14. Thomas91169

    Thomas91169 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 18, 2004
    modesto, California
    youre bored with dsm's cause you are in a n/t. plain and simple. now if you had a car that had such an insanely cheap aftermarket, that youd constantly be waiting for the next mod in the mail, you wouldnt be so bored. if you had a car that literally had a shelf full of stuff to install, you wouldnt be bored. if you had a job that you worked just so you could get parts, you wouldnt be bored(duh, cause youd be working).

    608  0

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    15.300 @ 91.000 · 2G DSM
  15. 95blackGsTurbo

    95blackGsTurbo DSM Wiseman

    Joined Aug 10, 2003
    Cottage Grove, Minnesota
    I always got tired of working on my 2g GS-T but it got to the point that I didn't ever miss driving the damn thing when it was down. No big rush to fix it. Now that I got my 92 Tsi Awd I'm anxious to get it done. I'm actually siting at work right now (NAPA) waiting for a couple gaskets so I can finish putting my Big16g on. Just got it back from being ported and clipped so I'm ready to work tonight. So no I'm not tired of this DSM...Yet

    BGRIPTP Proven Member

    Joined May 29, 2003
    Parma Hts., Ohio
    Bored of, no, thier's always something to do. Sick of, sometimes, you just get fed up with having to do stuff to it.
  17. cait sith

    cait sith Proven Member

    Joined Nov 22, 2002
    Brooklyn, New York
    Four years and counting on my car.

    Never a dull moment with my car, there's ALWAYS something that can be changed/modified/tuned, whatever.

    And just when I think I want an EVO, I go work on my friend's 05 and want to kill myself because that bay is so PACKED.

    To say that there's a 2 centimeter gap between the radiator and the turbo heat shield is still too much.
  18. seth98es

    seth98es Proven Member

    Joined Oct 2, 2003
    Keokuk, Iowa
    My 1g is pretty much stock. Havent gotten bored with it yet. Have had to fix a lot of things on it when I first got it and kind of got sick of trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Now that I figured out all my problems and my car is running good, Im scared that something else will break. Or worse, the timing belt will snap and have my pistons meet my valves ROFL

    332  0

    1998 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
    14.362 @ 102.230 · Galant VR-4
  19. DSM_Obsession

    DSM_Obsession Proven Member

    Joined Nov 30, 2003
    im really bored with mine and the reason being is i hate FWD so much, i want AWD so bad it makes me so mad, but other then that mine is for sale.....ill have AWD eventually.
  20. talon94es

    talon94es Proven Member

    Joined May 3, 2002
    BroomField, Colorado
    While I do miss the power of having a turbo I don't miss it sucking the money out of my bank acct. I had a 90GSX back in 92 and it was fun but not worth the hassles for a 44K mileage car.

    I've had my NT for almost 5 years and it's treated me great! I keep it fresh by doing small mods and Just got it painted. The paint really has helped add back to the excitment. So, while I've thought about selling and getting another car I won't because my DSM has been a great bang for the buck! Chuck.
  21. Bostedquest

    Bostedquest Proven Member

    Joined Oct 18, 2004
    Zeigler (Boon Docks), Illinois
    I'm definately getting tired of working on it :toobad:
  22. LandoAWD

    LandoAWD Retired

    Joined Jun 13, 2002
    Hillsborough, North Carolina
    Bored and selling. :thumb:
  23. Mack

    Mack Proven Member

    Joined May 7, 2003
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I def. felt this was after my mom backed into mine. I thought to myself "I don't deserve this car". But then I realized the bodywork I did in the spot she hit held up, and she bought me a new fender....so I smiled just like my bumper, and punched the dent to show it who's the boss.
    Surprisingly I didn't yell. I thought about it, but I realized there are so many more important things in life than a fender. My fiance, my family's health.....
  24. RiceKiller_TSi

    RiceKiller_TSi Proven Member

    Joined Nov 21, 2003
    Mobile, Alabama
    Bored? Nope. Not even my dog.

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    328  0

    1993 Eagle Talon TSi
    manual · 1G DSM
  25. rygetz

    rygetz Awaiting Email Verification

    Joined Aug 10, 2004
    Medina, Ohio
    I've owned my dsm for about a year and im real bored with it. I really want to sell it but i dont know if i can part with it. I dont think i'd be bored if i had money to upgrade it but with no cash, and the little i make going towards endless repairs, it just gets old.

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