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1G Get the most out of a 1g N/A 4g63 (CANT TURBO)

Posted by JM02, Apr 1, 2018

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Please Support Boostin Performance
  1. JM02

    JM02 Probationary Member

    Joined Mar 24, 2018
    Pikeville, North Carolina
    I can’t turbo swap!!:beatentodeath:

    i have a 1993 eclipse with the 4g63, it’s a short track asphalt race car. Motor is practically factory now. Our division rules state we can not turbo the car so please do not suggest a turbo swap to make power.

    We are getting out ran bad, we don’t have have the power to keep up like we used to. I need to be somewhere around the 200-215hp mark. I’m looking for suggestions on what to do to get there. Anything is welcome.

    I can’t find much online about doing anything to an n/a without everyone screaming turbo swap.

    What cams can i use? And can you tune a non turbo ecm? It’s an eprom from what i can tell. Like i said I’d like to be at 200+hp

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
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  2. scotthidley

    scotthidley Proven Member

    Joined Nov 7, 2004
    Broad Brook, Connecticut
    Can you change engines / internals? I'd suggest a 2.4L, or 2.3L hybrid. If building, you can raise the compression. You can also look into different gearing options for your tranny.
  3. bastarddsm

    bastarddsm Supporting Vendor

    Joined Aug 26, 2003
    Mendota, Illinois
    Hi, I've done a couple N/t tunes. PM me. As far as mods there's a whole bunch you can do.

    I'd start with a header anda set of cams for sure, something like the old school HKS272 profile will help it out without killing the bottom end. Personally, based on some dyno testing I've done, I'd suggest picking up an EvoIII intake off ebay and modding the flange so it will bolt on a 1G head - Do not port the intake. I'd also go to a lightweight race clutch. I can help you out with that if you want.

    Find a 1.6L head, they have 43cc chambers down from the stock 47cc, That will boost compression almost 1pt.

    If you want to get deep into the motor there is plenty to do. High compression, porting, stroker motors, ect.

    What do you do for Fuel? Several alternatives that really improve performance. If your willing to spend the money pick up some VP U4.4 or even 113. They have several that will make 5-10% more power than pump gas.

    Showcar Build 5K  1

    1991 Eagle Talon N/T
    9.805 @ 144.00 · 1G DSM
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  4. streetraceboi

    streetraceboi Proven Member

    Joined Sep 4, 2002
    San Antonio, Texas
    Ill be following as im interested on the outcome vs the other cars :)
  5. zotis777

    zotis777 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 23, 2018
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Just out of curiosity why not port the intake? Like the manifold itself or intake side of the head?

    My first thoughts reading this thread was “get the head ported and get it to a decent compression ratio”

    Street Build 304  5

    1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    awd · manual · 2G DSM
  6. bastarddsm

    bastarddsm Supporting Vendor

    Joined Aug 26, 2003
    Mendota, Illinois
    The intake runner on an evo3 intake is about 2/3 the size of a 1g dsm intake port. It doesn't make sense to open the evo3 runner outlet to the 1g size since you can only do a little bit of it. Then 1.5" into the 1g intake port it's reduced down to the 2g/evo size. It'll be like a little snake that just swallowed a big rat.

    There's a lot more to making power than just making the ports bigger. On a 1g cyl head the biggest areas in need of work are the seats/chambers short turn. If your going wild you bump out the guides and raise the roof some - be wary of grinding into the spring seat. If your going to that level, then the Evo3 intake wouldn't be appropriate anyway.

    Showcar Build 5K  1

    1991 Eagle Talon N/T
    9.805 @ 144.00 · 1G DSM
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  7. AllanL

    AllanL Proven Member

    Joined Apr 24, 2008
    LV, Nevada
    As long as your ECU is EPROM, it is tunable.

    If you've the 1G NA EB20 EPROM, there are some maps downloaded already using Tunerpro.

    You can then increase injector size, switch to the 2G MAF, add NLTS, launch control, etc...
  8. brian9397gsx

    brian9397gsx Proven Member

    Joined Apr 28, 2008
    sioux city, Iowa
    As long as hes burning chips or using a chip emulator he can tune it. The stock eprom chip isn't rewritable. He would at the very least need it socketed with the two options I said.

    2K  0

    1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    19.80 @ 35.55 · 1G DSM
  9. blktalon3

    blktalon3 Supporting VIP

    Joined Aug 30, 2006
    Stanford, Kentucky

    Street Build 2K  19

    1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo AWD
    11.283 @ 124.586 · 1G DSM
  10. 311oneG

    311oneG Supporting Member

    Joined Dec 14, 2018
    Spanish Fork, Utah
    Cool thread. Let's some some photos of the car!

    Following for all the knowledge being dropped

    Street Build 254  1

    1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 1G DSM
  11. 97egl

    97egl Proven Member

    Joined Feb 6, 2014
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    In the circle track world gearing is everything. You need to find out how fast the fast cars are going when they enter the corners. On a 1/4 mile asphalt track you'll probably be 60-70 depending on the banking. Then you need to figure out what tire size to run so that your just about to hit the limiter before you lift. If you run 2nd and use a small tire, like a 205/60R14 that'll put you at 67 mph at redline. The tires in the picture that your running look to be a large diameter and will keep your RPM down. Unless the corners are really tight you really dont need that wide of a tire. It's just more rolling resistance and also more rotational mass which is worse than sprung weight.

    I know you asked for ways to get more power so if this is already something you've been thru just scroll past this. I just wanted to throw it out there because I spent all sorts of time and effort on adding power to my circle track cars when I started and could not get anywhere. In the end it turned out that getting the gear ratio right was the cheapest and by far the most helpful thing I ever did to the car.

    Don't get me wrong tho, you do need to get some more power out of the car to win too. Youve got a 132 HP car and I'm guessing your running against 200HP SPEC-V Sentras & Preludes. If all your running against is Ecotec Cavaliers tho you don't have to do much at all. ALL those cars have going for them is they have the near perfect gear ratio from the factory.
  12. tektic

    tektic Proven Member

    Joined Oct 10, 2010
    ronkonkoma, New York
    I'd like to see the modified eb20 maps.

    143  10

    1995 mighty max
    rwd · manual · 4G63t Swapped

    529  4

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant GSX
    999 @ 999 · 1G DSM
  13. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Supporting VIP

    Joined Jan 5, 2012
    Rathdrum, Idaho
    Always wanted to do an n/a 4g build just for fun. If only I could find a 1G GS...though I do have a spare shell...

    I'd be impressed at 200na hp for sure though, my thought is a well cammed 2.4 would be the ticket, 2g head and a good custom 4-2-1 header.

    Street Build 498  7

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

    Street Build 744  1

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM

    Street Build 2K  10

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    awd · manual · 1G DSM

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