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gauge face install gone bad, need help!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

K Dan

20+ Year Contributor
Aug 6, 2002
none, Nebraska
I installed some silver gauge faces the other day and i had to drill holes into the gauge cluster to run the wires for the blue lights. I was very careful not to move the needles too much but i think the vibrations from the drill messed them up cause some of my gauges aren't working. The temp, oil, boost and speedometer aren't working. I got a VDO boost gauge so who cares about the stock one. As far as the temp and oil gauges go. I saw a gauge cluster down at auto zone, it was water temp, oil pressure and one other but it was pretty cheap. Anyone ever install one of these? I'm sure they gotta be more accurate than the stock ones. Also how would i go about installing them? and as far as the speedo i figure i could use it as an excuse if i ever get pulled over for speeding LOL
you might have just loosened them up somehow...i took all of mine out so i could paint them, and they didn't work when i put them back in...

i checked them and made sure they were tight and looked set-up right, and that fixed it.

who knows, its worth a try :confused:
my best guess is that the cluster isnt pushed in all the way in on one side. check to make sure that there are no wires behind the cluster. and any wires that need to be run back there should be taped or velcroed above and behind the cluster so that the pegs on the backside of the cluster can fully seat themselves.

might not be the problem but its an easy one to check. hope it helps and everything works out for ya.
no the cluster is in all the way and all the wires run along the top. I'm pretty sure there all tighened down. My speedo started to move today but only goes up to 30mph but who knows if thats right.
I'm going to have to say.... your overlays are blocking the way of the needle. Make sure they're on flat and you can spin it with your finger, it should rest back nicely.

I just swapped new faces in today and I noticed the new pair I got didn't fit as "flat" as the original set I had.
well i took the stock faces off so the needle shouldnt have any problems clearing it. My speedo seems to be back to normal now.
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