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GVR-4 Galant VR4 rad fan connector


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Jun 5, 2021
I just got done reading the thread with pinout information for the 6 pin radiator fan connector. Here.

What I see on my wiring appears to be different but yet I can’t tell if I need to switch the resistor and fan motor wiring.

The pinout I believe calls for the fan motor to be linked to pins 3 and 4. These currently go to my resistor, not the fan.

Pins 1 and 6 were used for the fan motor when I took the radiator out of the car which again is backwards when reading the post above with the pinouts.

Do I need to swap the resistor to 1 and 6 and put the fans back on 3 and 4?

I unfortunately do not have the motor running so I can’t turn the car on to test results yet.

Pic of what I have:
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DSM Wiseman
Sep 29, 2003
OKC, Oklahoma
The Galant FSM shows:
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01 - Blue - to pin 1 of radiator fan motor relay
02 - Green w/ black - to pin 2 of radiator fan motor relay (LO)
03 - Blue w/ black - radiator fan motor to sub fusible link 6
04 - Blue w/ white - radiator fan motor to pin 3 of both radiator fan motor relays (HI and LO)
05 - Little Black - to ground
06 - Thick Black - to ground

Pin 1 to pin 6 is the resistor for the thermosensor.
Pin 2 to pin 5 is the switch that turns off at 172 degrees F and on at 185 degrees F.

I would make sure you're relating the pins correctly to how the FSM is presenting them. That is, you need to be looking at the back side of the connector, not from the connector face. So, as the diagram shows that the fan motor is for pins 1 and 6, if you were looking at the connector from the face rather than the back side, these would be confused with pins 3 and 4, i.e., they would appear backwards. Refer to: How to identify ECU pin numbers --- although this is for the ECU in particular, the rest of the connectors follow suit.

There's also the possibility that the FSM is showing the opposite end of what you're looking at. I would expect the FSM is showing the control harness side of the connector. Looks like, per the diagram, it should be the female end of the connection on the control harness side.
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Jun 5, 2021
thank you for the reply! I am looking at the diagram and not at the face of the connector. Ill need to go in and look again after my coffee to make sure i am looking at the right 'side' of the harness. The ancient language of FSM circuit diagrams takes me a while to digest...

It's just odd to me that the connections appeared wrong. pretty sure it was set up this way stock - nothing was spliced or new on this harness but yet the connections were backwards (i think).
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