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FYI: Where Larryd is...

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Dec 7, 2001
...some of you may or may not know that I'm Larrys best friend from DE. Anyway, long story short he was in a pretty nasty car accident on Saturday night. He is still in the hospital with a broken leg, and should be coming home sometime this week, although the dates are unknown.

He needs some rest as a result, the accident was pretty bad and there was a fatality involved. I'm not going to publish anymore information other then that, although here is a media clip if anyone is interested.

You need Real Player (RealOne) to see this.

If you have any messages for him post them here and I'll get them to him.

Jim Cossaboom
Originally posted by Slappster
Oh no. Not larry's dsm. I'm glad he's ok but I bet hes hurting more from seeing what shape the car is in. Tell him we're praying for him.

At a time like this, i dont think he cares about his car that much
I found this story

FATAL CRASH: State police are investigating a two-vehicle crash shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday in Hockessin that killed a Newark woman. Delores Laskowski, 78, was pronounced dead at Christiana Hospital, police said. She and her husband, Bruno J. Laskowski, 82, of Newark, who was driving, were northbound on Del. 7 when they attempted to turn left onto Skyline Drive, police said. Bruno Laskowski pulled into the path of a car driven by Larry P. Dougherty, 23, of Newark, who was southbound on Del. 7. Bruno Laskowski was admitted to Christiana with multiple injuries. He was in critical condition Sunday night. Dougherty was admitted to Christiana with a fractured leg. He was in fair condition Sunday night. A passenger in his vehicle, John F. Huffman, 23, of Newark, was admitted to the hospital with a dislocated right shoulder. His condition was unavailable Sunday. All occupants were wearing their seat belts, and alcohol was not a factor in the crash. The south lanes of Del. 7 were closed for about three hours after the crash.
wow that sucks , i hope larry gets better soon:cry:
holy shit! this is unreal. whats with all the accidents recently?

honestly im surprised that larry is ok after hitting a cadillac head on in a DSM, just doesnt seem right. i hope he comes out ok.:(
Holy crap! I meet Larry at a meet last fall, nice guy. This is sad to hear :(
best of luck to you bro when you read this..material possesions are replacable,life isnt..
Being someone who lives in Hockessin also, I know exactly where that intersection is. Hope Larry gets well physically and mentally.

OMG, i really hope he's ok. that's alot of injuries for an accident, that's horrible. i hope everything works out for everyone involved. condolenses to the life lost. :(
Larry..praying for you man.

And lets not forget the less fortunate in this situation in our prayers.
It is always the good that Die young or get hurt, by that reasoning I am immortal, Larry will pull through, I hope he wasn't doing something stupid. It looks like his Clips' was having a territorial dispute with a Buick, not good.
Not at all what I expected this thread to be about. Get well Larry, and my condolences to the lady who lost her life. Very unfortunate.

Life really is a bi*** sometimes. Be safe guys. I would rather not keep reading stories like this.
just some more info for those who asks.

He was in his GSX. My guesstimate is that its totalled.. I'll wait until Larry gets back to post pictures, etc... thats his call.

And that posting above about the accident is correct. Although, rumor has it the husband passed as well - no confirmation on that. (Complete speculation based on hear-say.)
Man this is horrible when one of your own is involved in a crash that takes a life. I sure hope it was not his fault or they find he was speeding, that would be horrible.
Best of wishes to all involved in the accident. No matter how badly his car is totalled...

Life > :dsm:

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