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Fuel Setup Question

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


If I upgrade my injectors, go for a walbro 255 fuell pump, will I still need a FPR if I get dsmlink?
You can not treat all those things together, you have to look at them separately. Let's look at your buzz words: injectors, walbro fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and dsmlink.

First, let's define what a fuel pressure regulator is. It dumps the unused gas that the fuel pump pushed out to the engine (dumps back) to the gas tank. If you upgrade your fuel pump to anything other than stock, you run the risk of over-running your stock fpr; i.e. the upgraded fuel pump pushes out more fuel than the stock fpr can return.

So really the only thing that determines if you need an upgraded fpr is what kind of fuel pump you get. This is not rule of thumb, but it seems like a 190lph fuel pump will most likely not over run the stock fpr. Then there are two types of walbro 255lph fuel pump regulators; a low pressure version and a high pressure version. Most likely both versions will overrun the stock fpr; there's a chance that the low pres one would not. But every car is different. Also if you do a re-wire on any of the three pumps, it's pretty much a given that you'll over run the stock fuel pressure regulator.

Some of your other buzz words; injectors. If you upgrade your injectors, you need something to control the bigger injectors. A safc, gm maf translator, or dsmlink; any of those can do that.

And dsmlink is a highly tuneable ecu software program for eclipse. Can control bigger injectors, datalog, and do tons of other stuff.
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