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Fuel Line Upgrade

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affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jun 13, 2002
Has anyone done this?

After reading the Vfaq and seeing it on other sites, I've pretty much came to the conclusion that an upgraded fuel pump isn't always necessary.

I'm planning on upgrading my fuel lines and run 550's. Is this good enough with one of the FP/AGP T28s with a larger sidemount or small front mount.

When I upgrade the line and injectors, my next step is propane.

How do you guys feel about this setup? Will I get enough fuel without the upgraded pump?

Or should I get a 190lph with SAFC (in addition) to increase my tuneability?
i have it. I didn't get the logger until after doing the stevetek upgrade, so unfortunately I don't have before/after results. I am however running -10% wot at 16 psi on a 14b with good results (stock pump/injectors) others have run 20Gs at 17 psi with larger injectors.
That's impressive. It just seems like know one considers upgrading their fuel line. I'm not planning on running anything bigger than a 16G on my spyder. So, I'm hoping I can get enough flow with upgraded lines and 550's.

How hard was it to install the stevetek upgrade?
Well basically most don;t take that route as its more complicated than it needs to be. if you want a complete line upgrade you will spend a lot mroe money than just buying a 190lph pump that you wont need a FPR with. 190's are like 150$ most places...

You will need some form of adjustment if you get 550's period, so wither way you may be looking at an afc.
stock lines are more than adequate for your goal...thus the 190lph, afc and 550cc's are a better choice as less money spent = more money spent elsewhere!
Lots of people have gone pretty fast with the stock filter and fuel line setup. If you want a cheaper solution, but most of the benefit then you can think about upgrading the fuel line from the stock hard line (underneath the filter) to the rail. That should give you most of the benefit of the Stevetek system.
i did the filter forward, which according to Rigby (stevetek) should be >90% of the gain of doing this. I did for ~ $50 (no stainless hose and minimal bends/fittings)
You can make 500+ HP on the stock fuel lines. Upgrade the pump.

I think old Bushers car is running on stock lines. They run 9's or something like that on the stockers. Just make sure you put in a aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and not that B&M one a full out regulator with a better return line than the stock orfice.
so when are you going to have your car running again??? I wan't to see that sucker mash some cones

Originally posted by NosLaser
You can make 500+ HP on the stock fuel lines. Upgrade the pump.


Why stress the pump (wether stock or aftermarket) unnecessarily? These are 2 paths to the same goal, to deliver a larger fuel volume to fuel rail.

4*450 cc/min=108lph, the stocker is ~ 110lph, correct?
4*550 cc/min=132lph
4*660 cc/min=158lph
4*720 cc/min=173lph

are the rated values at 43.5 psi and 80% dc?

if so, then I don't know why anyone runs a 255hp pump on any of the common dsm injector sizes, unless the stock lines are holding them back.

255lph=4*1,063 cc/min
People have done over 600 WHEEL hp on stock fuel lines.

For a t28, I wouldn't even consider upgrading fuel lines.
you could probably make over 600 whp on the the stock air filter as well, but does that mean it is the best way? no.

None of us know the best ways of upgrading these vehicles and everyone is still learning everyday. That is why the import scene is taking off like it is, everyone is still in the learning stage and coming up with new things everyday, much more so than the domestic guys. They have their engines pretty well figured out, after 50 years or so. Imports are still just getting started.
Thanks for the insightful posts, everyone. I'm getting to the point were I'm wanting to run about 15-16psi, on stock turbo, intercooler. I've done, or am completing all the intake/exhaust modifications. Next step I'd like to take is fuel. And I'd like to be able to tune a little on the stock turbo. Since I'm not going the route of a huge turbo, I was thinking about upgrading the fuel line and getting 550's. But, if the pump is cheaper and offers additional flow, over just doing the lines. Than I'll probably go that route, just because it'll be easier to richen things up when needed. And use an SAFC to lean it out.
Well exactly like i said earlier, it is ideal for the sole sake of being cheaper and offering more.

Simply put into perspective is that the stock lines and a 190lph will offer more and will hold up to a lot more than a T28. If you upgrade lines and do not get a fuel pump it will only be a matter of time before the pump limits you and youll have tp buy a new one, at which point you will have defeated the purpose of getting the lines instead of the pump in the first place. So.... just get th FP, injectors and 550's (although if you dont plan to run more than 15psi than I wouldnt even get that much) and you will be in great shape with your settup and easily be alble to upgrade well beyond what just lines would get for you.

And yes even though imports are fairy new compared to domestics, there are enough people that kow what is tried and proven much mroe so than noone knoing as we are all still discovering what works. obviously you can go any route you want, but what I say works;)
Hey, if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room. :D

Try this: Auto Alchemy High Flow Fuel Delivery System

I ordered mine the other day. Can't wait to install it. Yeah, I coulda pieced together my own setup, and in fact already had the parts list developed. Turned out to be almost the same price, and this way I don't have to attach the hose ends to the braided SS line myself.
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