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Free Maxim and STUFF subscription, no BS

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

this is the real deal, i think. i got my subscriptions thru freebizmag, but they are legit. ive gotten both of my subscriptions for a while now
check out if you want free junk....ive gotten magazine subscriptions, jelly bellies, hot sauce, and some other crap...heh. fun site.
Cool deal. I just signed up for it. I did somthing like it before but it was for motor trend it was on the spoilers .com site.
there isnt anything in this world for free except these 2 things , and ALWAYS remember this

Advice , and a Ass Whooping

thats it , nuthing else is free
sweet thanks alot man now do you know where i can get any free car magazines that would be awesome. i would really like to get sport compact or modified mag or road and track or also motor trend magazine i really hope this is for real if not im going to come to you're house and steal you're magazines LOL AND THEN ILL MURDER U COLD BLOOODED WITHOUTH THINKING TWICE AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAH ####ER just jking but seriously if this a scam and i get spammed to hell in my emails i will hunt ya down hehe thanks again,kevin.
i subscribed , if this is real then thanks a lot!!

now we just need import mags for free =)
Heh, I've had Modified coming to me for the last year for free; signed up on their website before they started publishing, and I've been enjoying it ever since. Best mag available for getting any kind of DSM coverage, IMHO.

Of course, the free subscription is over now, but I'm still a subscriber. It's worth every penny to me to support a magazine with actual content rather than "ooh, boobies!"
yeah i havent got anything yet but it said on the page it can take up to 8 weeks before you get your mags. should be getting them in the next month then
does anyone have or know how i can get the MAXIM issue with christina aguilera in it?? i saw some of the photos online and there pretty i think theres like a poster or somthing in it of her half naked on a beach :D
I got a few free subscriptions from Erebuni a while back too, but it's the first I've seen these. I'd be willing to bet that somewhere in the small print on their "sponsored" disclaimer they reserve the right to sell your info (name, addy, e-mail). Just means more of the same spam and junk mail we recieve already. I guess it's worth the tradeoff :D
weird- i only signed up for maxim but yesterday received 2 different Stuff magazines in the mail. :confused:
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