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For you to laugh at

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Proven Member
May 28, 2002
New Bern, North_Carolina
The reason I put this title is because there are other from other forums who found this amusing the last time I had it a little over a year ago.

Well here is the story. I had a case of melanoma last year on my back. Well I posted a picture of it and some people said it was no big deal and found it rather humorous to have a 6 inch scar on my back.

Well they just found my second case of melanoma on my leg.

This time after it was removed I had to be injected with 4 needles of some sort of radio active material and watched for 3 hours to see what lymph node the material went to so they could be removed and see if they contained any cancer.

The process was pretty painful but what is more painful is where they did the incision for the lymphnode biopsy (my groin). An also the area where they took even more tissue out to see if the all the melanoma is gone from my leg.

Well anyway, to make a long story short... I have another 14 drug infested days to spend on tuners.

So if you find things like this humorous , make sure you subscribe to the thread. If not, don't worry as I am sure it will make it's way over to DSM Life and all their ECLIPSE4x4 haters can have their daily entertainment.

Yeah guys, it's just a skin graph :rolleyes:


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Proven Member
Feb 6, 2004
chicago, Illinois
Wow man that's ####ign horrible, what kind of cancer is it? I mean it appears out of nowhere? Whats it caused by? Were you taking certain drugs that made you get this? That sucks, at least they treid to eliminate most of it.


Proven Member
Jun 16, 2002
canton, Michigan
from now on Eclipse4X4 shall be know as Eclipse "frankenstein" 4X4

Damn dude I hope they can pin point the origin of ur cancer and take it out! :thumb:

BTW look at it this way after they removed the stamples you can tell everybody u got it in 'Nam.....LOL :thumb: :D

Good Luck



Proven Member
Aug 11, 2004
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Chicks dig scars....

*on a more serious note*

I feel for you man, I've been going through various cancer treatments for the past year all throughout my digestive system.... it blows.... best of luck to ya *prayers*


Proven Member
Jun 9, 2004
Millbrook, Illinois
that sucks man...there is a kid in my class, had something VERY similar, he was out for the first month of school, he has a huge scar on the back of his leg...


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 27, 2003
neunkirchen/germany, Europe
i feel for ya..and i wish u the best of health..please put a warning next time when u post pics like that..i dont like seeing blood and all :barf:

Turbo 420a

Proven Member
Dec 1, 2002
North Bend, Washington
Yikes, sorry to hear about that. Not too funny in my eyes, just painful!!!

ECLIPSE4x4 said:
drug infested days to spend on tuners.

Those are always fun.


Proven Member
Jun 2, 2004
San Diego, CA, California
Nah, it was a shark attack ;) hehe I always use that one or the say that I am sponsored by mercedes.

I had a bunch of extra cartilage on my ribs and sternum that made my upper chest stick out a bit in the middle and wouldnt let my lungs expand all the way. They had to take off 9 peices of cartilage in total and I had a metal bar going across my ribcage over the sternum for about 6 months. Yes, I was able to make it through the metal detectors at the airport ;).

Surgery sucks, one of the worst parts for me is the needles and IV's not because they hurt(because they dont) but just because the thought of needles getting pushed into my veins is kinda creepy. When I woke up I was in so much pain...Mom said I was saying "Morphine...Morphone...Morphine..." and the nurses were saying that they were giving me something stronger than morphine. I think the surgery was around 3 and a half hours total? It felt like I had been cut in half and there was some huge rock ontop of me. Had to sleep on my back for 4 months, which was a PITA. So thats my story :)


Proven Member
May 28, 2002
New Bern, North_Carolina
Well unfortunately I have been in the hospital for the last 3 days. I came down with a bad infection from my calf into my groin. I have been on aggressive antibiotics through IV to get rid of this, hopefully I will be home tomorrow.


Proven Member
Oct 13, 2004
San Bernardino, California
yikes...i dunno what else to say
i wish you the best in recovery :|
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