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Finally have enough Yokes and U-Joints worthy of making them available again!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Jul 26, 2002
Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Yokes and U-joints are gone. We will create a new thread when we receive more.

Been months in waiting, but after selling off the remaining Yoke Recall Kits that both Mitsu and Chrysler had which Mitsubishi suddenly discontinued (They sold in 24 hours), we had enough come in this week to make it worth posting about.

These have been on back order status since spring, and we would get 1-2 every 3 months, and sell them when someone would contact us directly.

This time, Mitsubishi decided to fill some back orders (yet not bring extras into the U.S....) and we have enough to call a small "quantity".

The u-joint kits. We've received 7. This is enough to do two full prop shafts and to sell one to someone who just wants to do a yoke replacement: U-joints Link

The yokes...less. We've received 3. Mitsu also declined in bringing extras into the U.S., and our back orders are still not filled that we submitted months ago: YOKES! YES THEY'RE IN STOCK!

Clink on the link to grab yours!
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As like last time, we’re already down to *2* yokes in less than 25 minutes.

Thank you, JR! Tracking will be sent shortly!
Now we're down to 5 u-joints..

I'm heading off to sleep and have to fight with Mitsu in the morning. Orders will be processed in the order they come in. If they oversell, you'll be refunded in the A.M.
Okay...happened again that quickly.

I'm NOW heading to bed :), but we're down to 1 yoke, and 4 u-joints.

We'll clear out the rest tomorrow. They'll be handled by time stamp.

On a side note, check here somewhat regularly over the next couple of days.

We'll be offering up some more "unobtanium" parts, and if @Ludachris can get with me, maybe a little raffle.

Thanks to all!
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Here are two which have never been serviced....

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Any chance you'll get more in by the spring, say April/May? I'm in no rush and might not even need to do this, but won't know till then when I'll be taking the prop shaft off to overhaul the rear end and clean up the underbody.

Alternately, is this something one can buy from Mitsu directly, or perhaps a vendor like Amayama? Again, I can wait a while.

I also understand that in some case one might be able to fix this oneself, with some jerry-rigging and some sheet metal or the like, right?
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