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Finally broke my personal best.

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


May 16, 2002
Chelmsford, Massachusetts
We had a local import race at New England Dragway. Street shootout class had 6 DSMs and two highly modified Supras (500-600 whp) on race rubber. Supras took out a couple of DSMs but final was all 4G63.

I had an interesting track experience. I tried a bunch of new things on my car: New Turbo (SBR GT13, basically this is the turbo that ETE was supposed to give me...), new wheels/tires (BFG G-Force Drag radials), new TMO chip (9200rpms redline).

The turbo performed pretty well, it has much less lag than my old T3/T4, which I guess is not saying much :). But it had no problem producing and keeping 26-27psi of boost by around 4200-4500rps, this is roughly 1000 rpms earlier than my old T3/T4. Installing it was a bit of a challenge, TS04 cover is not easy to fit on stock style exhaust housing. I didn't get a chance to finish it until just hours before the race, so it was not tuned well at all. I thought about installing a set of 720 injectors (I am currently running 550s), but decided against it, because the car would have been tuned even worse.

The tires, well, those were a bit of a disappointment... I was ether spinning them really bad or bogging the launch. There really wasn't anything in-between. So my 60' times were in the 1.67-1.73 range when spinning or 1.8+ when bogging, they were no better than any other tire I have tried in the past... And these WERE supposed to be better. Also, I noticed that at 125mph, I was at around 7300rpms, so I am running out of gears on these small diameter tires (225/50/15).

The new, "9200" rpm TMO chip ended up being 8000rpm... I didn't find this out until my first run... Not a good way to start out the day (hitting the rev limiter on first two shifts, before I realized what was really going on). That run was 11.79 at 119 with only 21psi of boost. A new chip with 9200rev limit will be on the way on Monday.

I missed a gear on my 2nd pass (first missed shift this entire season and first of many to come on this day).

On my 3rd pass, I was able to set my personal best of 11.16 @ 126, this was with a crappy 1.67 60' time. I later backed it up with 11.2 at 125, again, running high 1.6 60' time.

This is the video of that run:

I am really going to have to get a hang of launching G-Force Drag Radials. I am suspecting that my Fidenza 9 lbs flywheel, might have something to do with that... Is anyone else running these tires?

Now for a really strange thing. I had my spark plug gap set to .040? to help me pass emissions earlier last week. Well, it didn't help with emissions, but I forgot to lower the gap before the race. Once I was at the track, I decided to give them a shot and much to my surprise, I didn't encounter any misfire!!! I am using BR/Tym S. CIP ignition with MSD DS2 box. In the past, stock coils/MDS box combo started to misfire at around .032"-.033". So it would appear that those CIP do work very well with MDS ignition!

Excellent times

9200 OMG
Sport Compact Car Street Car Challenge Winner!
-How ya like the sound of that?
Damn. Nice job. 9000 RPM must be insane on an SBR Stage II. I have a question for you, though. In your mod list, you have listed a TMO stage three with "boost logging". How does the ECU measure boost? Do you have some kind of DAC somewhere so that the line pressure can be converted to a value that the ECU can read? I would be very interested in learning about this.


> 9000 RPM must be insane on an SBR Stage II.

I wouldn’t know, since I only raced with 8000rpm limit :)

>In your mod list, you have listed a TMO stage three with "boost logging".
>How does the ECU measure boost?

A special version of TMO datalogger is capable of reading EGR sensor output and converting/correcting it whatever you want. So you can hook up a bunch of different sensors (one at a time) to the EGR sensor wire, under the hood and read it. I am using it to read boost. But you could log just about any other sensor with 0-5V signal.

So this isn’t an ECU thing it is a datalogger thing :).

Unfortunately… My boost logger is not working at this time… I am yet to try to figure out why. Too many other things to do :).

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