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Fight Stories

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Mar 3, 2003
You ever get into fights? well tell your stories, tactics and other stuff here.

ill start it with one of the best fights i ever had....

Sophmore year I was walking out to my bus when some peice of shit senior just knocked my hat off and started laughingw his freinds. So i went up behind him and drilled him in the back of the head with my 25lb book bag. I dropped the bookbag and he threw a punch, and it connected and hurt like hell. So i regained my equalibrium and put my hands up. He threw another punch but i grabbed his arm and threw it to my right side with my left hand, then i proceeded to punch him as hard as i could in the gut with my right hand. I knocked the wind outta him and when he was bent over I drilled him with a left hook in the face and quickly uppercut him as his head was going down from the hook. He stumbled but he didn't go down so i got fvcking pissed and punched him in the throat, he dropped to his knees holding his throat. So i hit him in the nose once with a left and quickly followed with a right hook which sent him to the concrete. I turned to get my bookbag and was greeted by the vice principal, principal and security guard who came about a minute too late. They all couldn't beleive that i just beat the shit outta this senior who always bullied kids around. I got a 3 day suspension and the senior got 2 weeks for hazing an underclassman and starting a fight. After that he wouldn't even look at me when i saw him in the hall or something. it was the best fight of my life.

I'll post more later but now....your turn.


20+ Year Contributor
May 28, 2002
New Bern, North_Carolina
Ok we are done with these, punch people in the mouth, gettting your ass kicked, and fight story threads.

And before you ask... NO I didn't get my ass beat when I was little. I did the ass beating.

You just like to post we todd did threads to see your name.

try to get into the tech section a little more.


Founder & Zookeeper
Nov 12, 2001
Newcastle, California
Yes, I agree, this is going a bit overboard. Let's get back to cars a little bit. And please, if I see a thread questioning why this thread was closed, or someone crying because we're getting uptight, it won't be taken kindly.
Not open for further replies.
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