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Resolved Evo siphon vs DSM

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Dec 21, 2008
Winnipeg, MB_Canada
So what actually makes the Evo fuel siphon better than the DSM one, if you opened it up to 1/8"?

Debating on replacing my current 2g siphon with an Evo, even though I logged out the hole incrementally over time, watching the tank level and siphoning capability, until I reached 1/8". Ended up still uncomfortable with running much under a half tank as the driver side was always way more full.

Before I go and she'll 50-60 bucks on it, looking for some reasons why it's just.. better than a modded dsm one.
I think simply that it's available new. I drilled my oem DSM one 1/8 and it always worked great, even with a Walbro 450.
I wasn't certain if the whole inner volume was different and made it more efficient for larger pumps or not. I'm a little baffled why my 1/8" hole wasn't as effective as others' and I'm only running a walbro 350.. 6an feed, stock return.

I will have to investigate further, maybe I have a blockage in the hose connecting the sides or something. Oring is in good condition, siphon was tight.. weird.
Best reason I used an evo 8 siphon is because I upgraded the feed and return lines to ptfe.

In doing so I have a bulkhead on sending unit for the feed and return. The evo siphon works much better with a hose over it and worm clamp than the dsm one that has a hardline in it and an o ring.

IIRC it was only like $25-$30

The siphon is about $30 and shipping/taxes does the rest. Plus, add 40% for exchange rate.
It's not a huge amount, but just pointless if a drilled dsm siphon with hardline equals an evo one. Was looking for some consistent "I had mine drilled for 1/8 and it didn't help but the evo fixed my issue" anecdotes, if they exist, but it seems to be all over the place.
I wonder if it's more of the line between the two saddles has lost its ability to hold vacuum. Maybe I need to replace the clamps.

I'll report back when it warms up to the point I can tear into it.
Unless your getting rid of the stock return hardlines I don't see a point. I went with the evo siphone because I went with AN fittings on my sending unit.

As said above, it goes directly to a hose instead of oringed to hardline. I drilled my evo siphone to 1/8 as well, but it was very close to that size already.

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Yeah still on the hard line return. I'll have the check the entire system health, there must be something else at play if 15/64 nor 1/8 did the trick.
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