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Ever wonder what has happened to your first car?


Proven Member
Jul 8, 2011
Lethbridge, AB_Canada
My first vehicle is still with me, although not in as good of condition anymore. Got rear ended and hail damage. Now it's slightly lifted and my work beater/dd.

Sorry, no recent photos.

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The one I really wonder about is my Cobalt SS/SC. First performance car I got. Had a ton of fun with it, got tired of FWD and sold it to get my first talon (which met its demise with a deer, I sold it a while back and it's been parted out on kijiji since.) The person that bought it did some distasteful mods to the SS and then my friend bought it and traded it in to another dealer a few months later. Have not seen it since. I wonder if it got wrapped around a tree by some kid yet.

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Proven Member
Apr 9, 2008
IGH, MN, Minnesota
First car was a Galant VR4. 808/1000. Was a blast to drive. Lasted me 4 1/2 years through college. Many memories. Probably the most reliable car i've ever had. Only stranded once when the aliternator went bad the third winter I had it.
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Now. It's been through a good amount. I saw it at the Mitsu Cookout here. But didn't get a chance to talk to the owner. It looks better, imo. I'm glad it went to a great owner though.
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Proven Member
Nov 6, 2011
Chatham, Massachusetts
My first car was a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt Base Model 5-Speed. I loved that car. Quick enough for me (Not anymore) back when I was 16 and was a fun around-town car. I told it to one of my friends for $3,300. Apparently his mother thought the car was too "fast" and "scary" so they sold it, to get a 2010 Jetta, to another kid that lives about 30 minutes from me. I see it around sometimes. I am still determined to meet the owner and talk to him about the car and maybe buy it back :thumb:

God, I miss that car


Proven Member
Aug 18, 2009
El Paso, Texas
My 1st car suffered a similar fate as yours m1nd64m3
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Someone bashed out my mirror, slashed my tires, and the covertible top while I was at work a few weeks before, So I guess it was a good time to go with everything it needed. Last I heard someone saw it on a flatbed on the bridge to mexico. Another guy here said he got his suspension (tokico Illumina & eibach pro kit) off a wrecked spyder in mexico. I think it might of came from mine. But I used the insurance money to buy my 1g, replace the clutch and timing belt and all the hoses. So I suppose it worked out, but I want another spyder. Still have parts from it.
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