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Street Build Euro DSM

Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
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  1. DSM_15_2G

    DSM_15_2G Proven Member

    Joined Dec 6, 2018
    Serbia, Europe

    Street Build 420  1

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM
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  2. DSM_15_2G

    DSM_15_2G Proven Member

    Joined Dec 6, 2018
    Serbia, Europe
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Marko and this is my DSM story :dsm:

    Little background story about me and the car.
    I come from a very weird (laws) country inside the Europe which is called Serbia WTF It isn't a part of the European Union hence why the following laws. I am not able to import any vehicle from any other country that is older than 2005, so I was stuck with what was already registered inside Serbia.

    To cut the story short, there is only a few GS models that are 4g63 NA and a few 420a RS models and only one GSX that has been modified with lambo doors etc. After years of searching, picked up the best GS example I could find and started on the journey. :D (painful journey)

    The car came with some aftermarket rear bumper/tail lights and front angel eyes. Along with all those "mods" it had a 3 inch catback and stock 15 inch wheels (not even 16 LOL) and I almost forgot, the LPG fuel system, to lower the costs.

    (Photo is from the 1st owner while wearing evo9 BBS wheels)

    2 months of owning the car I have stumbled upon a spyder 2g that was brought here on US license plates and wasn't driven a few years. Being a full facelift model with everything stock, took its headlights/red tail lights and swapped for mine.

    (Picture after swapping the headlights/tail lights with stock)

    After I invested a lot into maintenance, I started craving for more power and a higher trim model, and not being able to import a GST/GSX I decided to make one.
    And after 2.5 years of ownership, I started gathering turbo parts from either US or Europe. Ordered all the new gaskets/orings for maintenance straight from Japans OEM warehouse. I also ordered the GST high rise wing that I intend to install soon when I get the rear bumper and the spoiler painted. Forgot to mention, bought a GST transmission from Poland, had its bearings replaced and installed the transmission with Exedy stock replacement clutch.

    (Now some photos of the new OEM parts I got , won't spam all but theres a ton more)



    Drove almost 800-900km to Bulgaria to get the GST parts from my buddy @Kryndon who has also helped me a ton in the process of a swap

    (Drive up to Bulgaria to pick up the parts)

    After I got the parts it was time to head back home.

    (Ride back home)

    After the little trip was done I began ordering the rest of the parts needed for the swap and prepping of the ones I have.

    (GTR R34 BOV, Turbo 2G TB, Eprom 95 GSX ECU and other parts)

    (Aluminium Intake pipe, since I couldn't source the rubber one)

    (Picked up a GST custom made 2.8 full exhaust, from O2 housing all the way back)

    Began prepping the surfaces of the turbo/exhaust mani/o2 housing etc.


    After all the surfaces were clean, I began rebuilding the TB

    (Finished product, thanks Jafro for the tutorials haha)

    After all this was done and ready to be installed, took the car to the garage I had (no lights nor major tool set) and began to tear it apart.

    (Had to take the bumper off because the entrance to the garage is very steep and I would scrape it all over the place)

    (Off to start the project)

    Just to note, I will post pictures but I cannot post "ALL" of them because I really have a ton, but I will try to post to give you an idea of how it went. The whole swap took me 4-5 days I think

    (Took the rubber intake and the battery out)

    Guess I reached the max upload count here, I will continue bellow haha

    Attached Files:

    Street Build 420  1

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM
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  3. DSM_15_2G

    DSM_15_2G Proven Member

    Joined Dec 6, 2018
    Serbia, Europe
    To continue my build post.

    (Took out the rest of the crap, windshield washer fluid reservoir which takes place where the stock SMIC is and the Fuse box)

    (Had a leak here, so I got a new oem thermostat with new gasket + sanded both surfaces clean and sharp)

    (Removed the radiator here which i forgot to mention above, bought a Mishimoto one since my stock one started leaking)

    (Cleaned this side of the engine bay)

    (Took out most of the stuff here so I can remove the Intake manifold)

    (Here comes the fuel rail)

    (Stock 450cc Injectors, cleaned and flow tested, ready for new orings)

    (20 years of rust and build up, finally removed the exhaust manifold, the leak is from my oil pan btw)

    (Ready for the turbo exhaust manifold)

    (Installed the exhaust manifold)

    (Installed the fitting for the feed line)

    (Hit the oil pan on something and dented it and caused a leak up top, plus you can see I cut the downpipe because it was so rusted, couldn't unbolt it)

    (Oil pan is off, ready to clean the surfaces and reinstall a new GST oil pan with a return line hole)

    (Turbski is on the car along with the feed line)

    (After an hour or two of struggle, managed to take off the intake manifold to replace the gasket with a new OEM one, weld the LPG system holes I had and drill the port for the BOV)

    (Oh, looky here, leaking knock sensor, no biggie LOL)

    (Removed the evap system and all the emissions crap, I know its dirty but bear with me)

    (After welding the intake manifold holes it was time to get it tapped for the BOV)

    (Another little thing, blocked EGR with some sealant and thanks to @Kryndon once again for the plate)

    (After it was completed for my needs, it was time to reinstall it back)

    (After the intake manifold installment, installed the injectors and lubed them up LOL)

    (Sorry for the qulity for some photos, didn't have light in the garage so I used my phone and looks like I broke my camera in the process, TB was installed and the intercooler pipping as well)

    (Since the stock GS Fuse box was square and was in the way of things, I had to relocate it nice and neat)

    Will continue in the next post

    Street Build 420  1

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM
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  4. DSM_15_2G

    DSM_15_2G Proven Member

    Joined Dec 6, 2018
    Serbia, Europe
    Continuing my build...

    79534155_432102924139456_6546967646003265536_n (1).jpg
    (At this point Im almost done)


    Here I was done but not satisfied on how it looked and performed, had a high cold idle (BAD FIAV) and unadjusted TPS, plus this ugly reservoir tank was bugging me so I ordered new parts again.

    (Got a new OEM EVO8 Knock sensor and both front and rear o2 sensors)

    (Here we have a Enkei Set I bought to replace my ugly 15 inch wheels)

    (Then ECM came along)

    (Fixed the idle issues with ecm adjusting the tps correctly)

    Now you have caught up with me and the build, in the plans I have to repaint my oem rear bumper and spoiler and install those and get some nice coilovers. In the works right now is the catch can and slowly gathering parts for a whole engine build.

    Street Build 420  1

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    fwd · manual · 2G DSM

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