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Proven Member
Apr 18, 2002
Jacksonville, Florida
Just curious, I was looking over the 1/4 and 1/8 list and my MPH seems really low (1/8 = [email protected] 1.903 60')... I was just wondering what is causing this? other people in my "time range" are running around 83-88 mph.... What affects this? Is there any way to raise my mph? or does it not really matter since your ET is what everyone looks at.....

*Edit - Just realized that there is another post on this farther down the page... :rolleyes:


Proven Member
Oct 19, 2002
Bay Area, California
I think you're noticing the difference between FWD and AWD. Fwd needs more mods to do a 8.5 second 1/8th, for example, than an AWD because the AWD gets off the line faster.


Proven Member
Apr 18, 2002
Jacksonville, Florida
I was thinking about that, but check this out.. here is the guy right below me:
8.541 88.732 2.164 96 Eclipse GSX GSX4LIFE
and here is the guy right above me:
8.500 84.900 1.971 92 Laser RS Turbo AWD laserspeed

...they are both awd and running much higher mph then me.... are they just both spinning a lot or what?? im just kinda confused....


Probationary Member
Dec 20, 2002
The 60's they had on those runs are pretty bad. That is costing them almost 1/2 sec.

However, your car may be pulling a little timing on the top end.

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