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ECUflash ecuflash help


Proven Member
Aug 7, 2005
Twin falls, Idaho
ok so i cant get my ecu to connect to ecu flash, but it works in evo scan? it reads on scan and what not but when i use ecuflash it goes through steps and this is what it does

53:45.773] using metadata XML ID read_evo65 from file C:/EcuFlash/rommetadata/read templates/read_evo65.xml
[16:53:46.118] Using interface OpenPort 1.3 Universal TX26Iqqp266eb4d53676f70fd7acb84bb19ed75ea8d70e4e
[16:53:48.344] sending init sequence 2
[16:53:48.355] got 0x11 response
[16:53:48.355] sending init sequence 3
[16:53:48.732] entering bootloader
[16:53:48.748] sending kernel size (1951)
[16:53:48.770] sending kernel load address (0x0000F000)
[16:53:48.792] uploading kernel
[16:53:49.110] verifying kernel checksum response
[16:53:49.110] kernel valid
[16:53:49.323] kernel get version
[16:53:49.345] kernel version is : OpenEcu Mitsubishi H8/539FA Kernel V1.07
[16:53:49.345] reading kernel comm buffer size
[16:53:49.356] comm buffer size set to 256
[16:53:49.356] reading kernel flash buffer size
[16:53:49.367] flash buffer size set to 1024
[16:53:49.380] interface close

if you might give me a little help i would really be thankful and i bought ceddymod just have to figure out how to use this part thanks.


Proven Member
Apr 19, 2012
Bayamon, Puerto_Rico
'95 does not have the flash connector. Did you properly wire it in? If so check the connection again.


Proven Member
Dec 17, 2012
Winter Springs, Florida
Make sure you have a flash connector wired in, and you do have a flashable ECU, correct?...I see you have a 95' model, did you swap out the ECU? (I did not see it in your profile if you did or not) Are you using a TacTrix cable with flash plug, or a Generic cable with a Ceddy plug?

I believe EVOScan will work whether you have a flashable ECU or not, but if it isnt flashable, then ECUFlash will NOT work.


Proven Member
Aug 22, 2005
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Also if you swap out the ECU for a flashable one you'll have to swap plug wires around. I had to on my 95 when I put a flashable ECU in.


Proven Member
Aug 7, 2005
Twin falls, Idaho
Yeah its swapped and it runs I just cant get the ecu to connect..... Maybe I have the wrong cable. Do I need a 2.0 or with the 1.3 work? I have the flash port wire hooked up.
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