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Easier way of doing wiring if you are colorblind.

Have been doing some wiring tonight and being red-green colorblind it's tough since both color wires look to be same color. Then realized that getting a red color light would make red wires stand out while green color light would make green wires obvious. In practice that worked really well and a piece of RGB LED strip worked nicely to get different color lighting. Hopefully this little trick will help anyone else out there who can not see colors 'properly'.

To add to the though: with an LED strip controller it is possible to tweak light's color until desired color wires stand out the most. This works really nice when a diagram says what color it is since light can be set so that is really easy to find that exact color wire in the loom. It's also helpful when tracing a wire in a loom.
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Jan 12, 2013
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A member mentioned special glasses that are supposed to help with seeing colors better. They look to be nothing more than glasses with specific color lenses, but at $200 or so they are too much for some people. There is a DIY solution that will do a thing similar to these glasses. You will need red, green, and blue color filters that are typically used in stage lighting. They can be got online for pretty cheap. Here's an example, a whole set of bunch of different colors for $2.50 Or if there is a theater near by go and talk to their lighting engineer. They usually have a few of those color filters they can't use. Either way, after you get some color filters you will also need a pair of clear glasses. Experiment with different color filters and see what color or colors gives you the most effect and using some clear adhesive (super glue might work if you work fast enough) that is spread evenly on the surface apply the color filter film to the lenses of those glasses similar to how window tint is applied (with water as lubricant). If all is done right you will have a pair of glasses of correct color to make seeing easier.
Not sure about how to do switchable colors for same effect as colored lighting, so you can switch as you work, but will think about it some more and maybe something will come up.
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