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Eagle talon 1994

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Well update a bit, I had a coolant leak due to the plugs in the block because I didn't use antifreeze. The water neck outlet was badly corroded and was leaking through the radiator cap. I was lucky enough to get all the parts for another coupe and I can start working on the body. I wanted to pass the itv and could not due to harmful gases, there was oil in the exhaust and low compression. I had to remove the engine and work on engine rings, seals and valve guides. The gearbox had problems with 3rd and I also took it apart to check, a worn fork, 3rd/4th synchronizer and 3rd brake. This week they give me a set of gaskets, engine rings, clutch, seals and a gearbox that works well


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Well, I bring an update of the project, I ordered the exhaust valves that were with steps and wells to be rectified. Then seat the valves to the cylinder head and assemble everything, Distribution kit and new water pump (Kit gates EU and Dolz water pump) used gearbox in perfect condition and new clutch. I put the engine in the car and once everything is connected and with fuel, it starts without any problem. When I went out for a test ride, the clutch would not release and the gears would not engage. I had to disassemble a second time and change the clutch fork and thrust bearing for another in better condition (here in Argentina it is difficult to find spare parts and more of these rare cars) Once that was resolved I began to see why the electric mirrors did not work. It was a wiring problem in the conector and a broken cable in the driver's side mirror. I also bought an amp so it has good sound (speakers are on the way, not sure to put alpine, pioneer or rocksford)


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Well I update the post once again, after a long time I managed to get a complete tube to change mine that was very poorly repaired. They cut and welded at the height of the suspension turret, then painted everything with the car's original color. After that, I had the entire car painted and here is the result, there are still details to solve with the paint but the car is working perfectly and is used every day. All that remains is to fix the air conditioning (condenser not connected) and that would be all.


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