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DSM Magazines?

Posted by eclipse_rst, May 6, 2009

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  1. xtr3me

    xtr3me Proven Member

    Joined Aug 16, 2007
    Mantua, Ohio
    i'In the latest issue, they say there doing a full out DSM issue soon. So m looking forward to that.

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    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
  2. aaronspeed

    aaronspeed Proven Member

    Joined Jun 22, 2008
    Marengo, Ohio
    A magazine makes its money and pays the bills selling Ad space. The Ad space for a DSM Mag would all be Rims and Tires and the same China Exhaust Manifold with 50 different companies putting a name on it.
  3. gsxtreme1987

    gsxtreme1987 Proven Member

    Joined Sep 29, 2004
    Chicago, Illinois
    i remember Modified Mag used to have a "DSM tech" section on every issue.

    Lol those guys were stupid, they had to use nitrous to get into the 12s.

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    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    manual · 2G DSM
  4. cs82685

    cs82685 Proven Member

    Joined Oct 29, 2004
    phillipsburg, New Jersey
    yeah I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree, a built motor on a dsm is not going to put the cars in the same class.
  5. mnr88talon

    mnr88talon Proven Member

    Joined Oct 24, 2007
    York, Pennsylvania

    i see where your coming from but i still dont neccesarily agree with you, when you are driving down the street, how many "tuner" hondas do you see compared to dsm's.. when you go to a car meet/show, how many acuras/hondas do you see? i would say a really good majority of these cars are honda/acura.. those cars are easy to modify, and parts are cheaper than most other parts for different makes.. i dont really see how dsm'rs dont build their cars to the levels that honda owners have built their cars unless im just taking what youve said the wrong way.

    so if your going to make a magazine about show cars and sometimes actually building cars, who do you want to be your target?

    365  0

    1995 Eagle Talon N/T
    · 2G DSM
  6. stefanOst

    stefanOst Proven Member

    Joined May 26, 2006
    Montreal, QC, Canada
    Most of the tuner magazines are not worth buying anymore IMO. I had a subscription to SCC for 2 years, but cancelled it before 07 because it just wasn't worth reading anymore. The magazines are half the size they were in 03 and 04, but still have twice the advertisements. A 120 page magazine with 75 pages of greddy and stillen ads isn't worth whatever you pay for it, like 6 bucks with subscription. Instead of having admirable, homebrewed project cars, its all newer, expensive cars that the owner drops off at a shop, pays 15k and picks it up in a month without lifting a finger. The articles are pretty boring too, much less about travelling the world looking for car events and culture, just about reviewing new cars that come out.
  7. Trav83

    Trav83 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 10, 2009
    Binghamton, New York
    I wish there was a magazine that focused more on budget tuner cars (like 90-99 dsms) all these ones I see on the news stand talking about how you should buy yourself a Nissan 370Z and then upgrade it with a $4500 twin turbo kit, $900 exhaust, and a $2000 suspension upgrade... I mean c'mon that's not very realistic for most people.

    552  0

    1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
    · 1G DSM
  8. AceGSX

    AceGSX Probationary Member

    Joined Jul 30, 2008
    Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
    Damn...exactly what I was thinking.
  9. EventsCo21XL

    EventsCo21XL Probationary Member

    Joined Sep 11, 2006
    Bay Area, California
    LOL I'm actually using my iPhone to post on here too LOL.
    I actually still have all my mags that featured DSM's. Always loved DSM's even thought I came from old school Toyota's and Honda's

    Now I just have to buy a turbo DSM hehe. Still love my NA 2G hehe
  10. jking29

    jking29 Proven Member

    Joined Jun 7, 2005
    Houston, Texas
    I still have my old copy of Car Craft that had a feature on Sheps car when it was running 9's. That article is what made me take a more serious look at DSM's.

    Street Build 607  0

    1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    automatic · 1G DSM
  11. Red97Eclipseboy

    Red97Eclipseboy Proven Member

    Joined Feb 3, 2004
    Chicagoland, Illinois

    799  0

    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    13.840 @ 107.000 · 2G DSM
  12. 1sttimedsmr

    1sttimedsmr Proven Member

    Joined Dec 18, 2008
    Hemet/San Ja, California
    I think it's a good thing that the hondas are so popular that they take all of the attention. That way they are always in the sight of everyone even local authority. Most of the people don't even know that DSMs are fast and we are getting pull over every other day,.:D
  13. deerhunter0881

    deerhunter0881 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 7, 2008
    Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
    Here are some magazine and or books some of you mite not know are out there hope this helps:thumb:


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    1992 Eagle Talon TSi
    manual · 1G DSM
  14. montuner

    montuner Probationary Member

    Joined Aug 25, 2005
    montara, California
    wow where can i get those books?? e-bay, amazon, would a dsm speed shop be able to order them.. I see all sorts of those books for other car makes, but I never thought they would make them for us..very cool..

    360  0

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
  15. deerhunter0881

    deerhunter0881 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 7, 2008
    Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
    Go to Amazon.com and type in 4g63 and all three books come up:thumb:Hope this helps

    363  0

    1992 Eagle Talon TSi
    manual · 1G DSM
  16. Obake

    Obake Probationary Member

    Joined Oct 3, 2008
    Clackamas, Oregon
    I would describe the DMS crowd as more sober (not in the intoxicated sense), more serious.

    Honda's were cheaper and had more parts available, so they became more popular 'tuner' cars (tuner used vaguely) It's self fulfilling: more popular, thus more common parts, thus more modifications done, and thus even more popular. Magazines tend to follow the trail of money and popular is where there advertizing bugets are most profitable.

    I like being part of the DMS crowd, as it feels good to know that I spent less than the person next to me with a brand new sports car and mine will out perform theirs hands down. I like having a subtle car that I can wax and have it look like a sports car or leave dirty so it blends in and makes me less likely to get a ticket.

    I also reccomend project car magazine, though it is annoying not being able to subscribe. Though I would certainly subscribe to one, I don't see DSM's becoming popular enough to make a dedicated magazine financially viable.
  17. cs82685

    cs82685 Proven Member

    Joined Oct 29, 2004
    phillipsburg, New Jersey
    ^what's the "DMS crowd"?
  18. thatblondechik

    thatblondechik Proven Member

    Joined Oct 16, 2006
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania

    Seriously tho. That's funny. Diamond Motor Stars!

    I would like to get my hands on those books tho. Looks like some interesting reading.

    473  0

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse N/T
    manual · 2G DSM

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