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driving question

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Apr 25, 2005
Tujunga, California
so i had a 92 laser rs and someone hit me and totalled. now i just bought a 95 eclipse and im having problems shifting into 1st. i read around on this forums and most people put it into 2nd then 1st and it worked for them, they also said the synchro mesh is goin, but it any bad for the car to start it in 2nd when im launching? i been doing it a lot because of the shifting into 1st gear grind and i dunno if im damaging anything at all. thanks
my 92 and 95 do the same thing but yes it does work for me to wiggle it in another gear.. i usually wiggle it into fourth and then put it in 1st... my second gear is out in my 95 so i cant try that on it. :cry:
I have the same sort of problem with my 1g. I put it in first and when I go to take off, it pops out of gear. REALLY ANNOYING, but all I do is go from second to first then drive off. That's all it really requires, go from neutral to second, then to first. When you're launching, starting off in 2nd won't hurt if you are in the corresponding RPM range for 2nd gear. Your might notice a slower start, but in the long run, it shouldn't make a difference because you are shifting one less gear. But if you go from neutral to second and then to first before engaging the clutch and holding the e-brake when you launch, you should be alright, but it doesn't work 100% of the time. But it's definately a synchro gone in your tranny. After going through all the trouble to avoid getting it fixed, it's worth it in the long run. :talon:
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