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Dreaded crankwalk, Rebuilt motor? New Motor?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 2, 2003
(was TX) Anaheim, CA, California
Well, like many others, I now have the dreaded crankwalk, or starting to anway. I just replaced the thrust bearing and that should hold me for a while. I've heard of other people completely replacing their motor and still having returning crankwalk symptoms, as well as people rebuilding their motor and getting the the same thing. I know a 6-bolt swap would get rid of the problem, however my question was about the Buschur prebuilt motors. I'm not sure if I replace my block with one of the buschur racing blocks, that will eliminate my problem for good.
I've thought a lot about this as I have a '97 GS-T. My two cents on this is either to go with a 6-bolt conversion (including a stroker) or just get another 7-bolt from Mitsubishi. Last I checked, the cost is not radically different either way.

I figure the 7-bolts are risky engines, but the one I have now (the dreaded '97) has lasted 100K+ miles, so if I get another one that does as well, that's fine. I'll probably sell the car before I go another 100K.

A stroker is an interesting option, and might make sense for you depending on what your goals for your car are. I certainly find it tempting if I want to go the conversion route.

As far as Buschur engines go, I've not tried them but haven't heard anything bad. They are certainly a very reputable shop.
They really are a reputable shop, but their block descriptions aren't as detailed as I like. And I'm not sure if their 6-bolt blocks will drop right into my 2G, they say 2G in their category selection but still, they don't mention an install kit or anything. Anyone have any more insight into this?
I doubt they are drop-in replacements for a 2G. I haven't called them to ask, but you need a number of extra parts to do the swap. I'd guess the engines would be a lot more expensive if they threw everything in. Surely, one would expect to see a price difference between a 6-bolt not destined for a swap and one setup to swap out a 7-bolt. At the very least you'd expect they were a different part #.

Here's a link to the reference site for the conversions:
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