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Please Support Fuel Injector Clinic

Does this machining cost breakdown seem ridiculously high?


Probationary Member
May 22, 2021
Albany, Oregon
Just got the invoice back and I'm about ready to go pick up the motor (46g4 had low compression prior to sending it in) and the labor total was 3300$. That is over double what I was expecting.

Attached is the invoice.

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Supporting Vendor
Jul 26, 2002
Hatfield, Pennsylvania
No, "one thing" looks outrageously high, but you had more than just "engine machine work" done.

It looks like they replaced the crankshaft, bought bearings for you, machined the flywheel, assembled the engine etc., etc.

The only two things I would be concerned about is that 1) They ground the crank? That's a no-no with stock Mitsu cranks. And, 2) Unless I'm misreading something, it looks like they charged you twice to disassemble the short block.

The picture is both sideways, and hard to read the writing.


Proven Member
May 27, 2017
North East, Maryland
Agree. "Strip short block" and "disassemble short" is confusing. I'd ask about that. Unless "strip" means they chemically stripped it of paint, rust, gunk, etc. Also seems odd to me that they didn't magnaflux the block, but I'm not a machinist.


10+ Year Contributor
Apr 23, 2011
Odessa, Missouri
So im in this as we speak. 925 to machine and assemble the short block. I tore down the block and rough clean. I supplied a rotating assembly from FFWD (3200 dollars) which included bearings and rings. Also provided a kiggly girdle arp main bolts, arp head bolts,freeze plugs and a torque plate since they did not have one. So im in at roughly 4,400. Now if I had stayed with the jay raining maincaps( 300) then a estimated additional 1,500 in machine work. So I backed out and went with the original main caps.

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Nov 14, 2013
Independence, Kansas
I saw what the others saw and I also wondered why they didn't do Item #33, Straighten and Hardness Test. :hmm:
I can tell I am not charging NEAR enough for the work I do (but I consider it fun,.... most of the time).
I would triple check the step height of the flywheel also, it appears they didn't surface the step according to the invoice.

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