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DIY: Key Driver

Wanna be a Straight up G? Do the following

-Vice grips
-Heat torch (stove works just as good)
-Bolt cutters (or something to trim the key)
-Favorite stubby screw driver (or flat head doesn't matter)
-Have the key your using copied with a duplicate
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Untitled by Josh865214,

Step 1.) Heat the stubby till its a little red careful not to melt the plastic handle,while its still hot remove the handle from the steel using vice grips.Dip the handle in cold water to harden it.

Step 2.) Mark how far the key goes in the ignition, trim the key to the correct size.

Step 3.) Heat the key for 15 to 20 seconds insert the key into the handle now comes the tricky part since the plastic will be almost melted the key will want to seat *wherever it wants so hold the key in place straight up and down and not at jdm angles (vice grips) grab some water to harden the key and plastic.

Step 4.) Reenforce the key with super glue,sand the handle down if the heat bubbled the plastic.

Step 5.) Enjoy your super sweet key-driver.
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Untitled by Josh865214,

Note: you will receive *Suspicious looks from the police thinking your breaking in to cars.*
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