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Coil on plug question


Proven Member
Jan 5, 2003
Lima, South_America
I have a doubt regarding the use of a coil on plug setup in my car. My original coil pack has a fisure or crack and eventhough it works fine I'll definitely change it sooner or later. I got my hands on a brand new COP setup cheap and was wondering mainly if it will work with my cars setup.
I have an MSD DIS 2 ignition amplifier and a Haltech E11 v2 EMS. The deal is if my DIS 2 MSD will work with the COP or do I need to go for an MSD DIS 4???

Thanx for the info.


Proven Member
Oct 8, 2006
Vienna, West_Virginia
From everything thing I have read, the dis2 will work just fine. As long as the cop setup is wired properly, you should be able to instal the cop with no problems.


Proven Member
Nov 5, 2007
RIpley, West_Virginia
Yes, you just have to split the outputs of the DIS 2 over to the 2 correct coils in their respective pairs 1&4 and 2&3.

I'm running an E6k, so i have to ask. Are you still running the factory ignitor/power transistor, or did you change to a rising edge trigger and set it over to constant duty on the output type?

Just wondering, i did mine using the DIS-2 as a "smart ignitor" (no transistor pack) and it was hard to start (cranked along time, but ran great) AS soon as i went back to the transistor and drove it like a dumb ignitor it started right up again....

Also,, how do you have your tach adapter.. getting it's signal from teh CAS or getting it from the ignition box? If you're having troubles with your tach , feed the tach adapter right off the crank trigger. These are just the ways i've found to be the best and most reliable way to setup the ignition and a tach with a haltech and DIS-2 on a DSM


Proven Member
Jan 5, 2003
Lima, South_America
Interesting points you mention there... I'm running the DIS 2 as a smart ignitor, the transistor pack and stock ignitor have been removed. Actually the Haltech dealer here recommended to do so. I've only done some basic tuning yet but YES, it takes a while for the car to start. After it starts it runs OK. We're going to program the Haltech this next week so we will see how it goes.
On the other hand I'm not using an ignition/tach adapter (Part# 8912). Mi aftermarket tach works fine but the factory/dash tach is dead. The shop technician told me that the factory tach should work fine without the need of an adapter since I'm running the Haltech EMS. Maybe he is worng and I do need it for the tach to work???Any ideas there???

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