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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Aug 29, 2004
Tucson, Arizona
Hey guys, I recently ordered an intercooler from which is supposed to come with the piping. Well, after a month, I got the intercooler, but no piping or couplers. The guy who sells these kits uses Johnny Racecar FMIC's, so I'm wondering if he might order the piping from a different company as well. I've tried contacting the guy but he has yet to respond after about 5 emails, and there's no phone number to call either. I also talked to Tyrus from JR's sight, and he was very helpful, but was not sure if the guy he sells them to orders from a separate company as far as the piping goes. Does anyone have any experience with this kit or website? Please let me know.
ChrisFlo said:
anyone have experience with these?

Here's what the site actually says:

This kit includes one intercooler with sizes stated above and shown in the pictures, four mounting brackets as shown in the picture (two large, two small), 5 couplings and four bolts for the threaded inserts in the intercooler.

There is no mention of pipes at all. Just the Intercooler, mounting brackets and couplings and bolts. Were you thinking pipes because the word "kit"? That's normally what I would think, but it's not what I read.

Let us know if you get pipes with it, because that might be a good deal then.
Yeah, in the classified, I definitely would be thinking I was getting pipes. On his website, no. That bites. I hope you get ahold of him and straighten it out. :notgood:
Well I just noticed his feedback in the classifieds section was at -2 with some pretty discouraging comments. I don't know how to even get in contact with this guy, like I said I've emailed him a good 10 times and there's no phone number on the website.... :notgood:
Well, after some assertive emails, I finally got a response, and was told that the piping would be shipped out soon. So, yes, this was a good deal pricewise, but I'd warn those of you interested in ordering here, as you may experience what I did.
What kinda "assertive" emails did you send? I paid the guy on july the 4th and have yet to see anything. I've not had ANY responses at all. Even posted on their message board asking if anyone had any problems getting theirs and if the ADMIN could look into it. My post got deleted. At least your intercooler showed. Thats more than i've seen so far. I looked and looked and found no phone # either...
Looked somethin like this....


I ordered my intercooler and didn't get the piping with it, as is stated.
I've emailed you a dozen times and have yet to get a response. I want you to know that if you're reading these and ignoring them, you're making a mistake, as I have your contact information and am prepared to get police involved. Now, you decide how important some intercooler pipes really are to you.

-Chris Flora

This was his response:

Piping is getting shipped out Monday or Tuesday, our shop welder broke and
we had to order a new one, we have the piping cut and ready to be shipped
but it needs the lip welded around it, we will have this done First thing
when we receive the welder. I apologies for the delay.
Once again I apologies for the delay and I will make sure to your piping
shipped ASAP.

By the way, it did take me a month to get my intercooler as well, so hang in there, and hopefully it'll show. If you go to the classifieds section and type in "fmic", go to the last page and you'll see his ad for his intercoolers. Click on the feedback section, and read the top guys post. I emailed that guy, and it's he who is going to be providing me with all the Tyson's info, so once he does, I'll get it to you.
Good luck dealing with this guy I bought the front mount from him got it after about a month. Then I never received the piping after about 2 months or more. I wen t to paypal to get my money back they wouldn't do anything because I waited to long. On his old classified he had his number listed I don't have it anymore but I would call him every eweek and he'd say the same thing. "I'm shipping it out right now" and I'd ask for a shipping ode to be e-mailed nothing. Call him in a week and he'd say the same thing. So i gave up made my own piping and kept he intercooler. Just a big mess with this guy.
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