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Clear Corner Lenses

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Jan 25, 2003
Wut up..i just got the clear side marker lights for my 95 talon but i want to ge the clear corner lenses for the turninf signal light. I cant find eagle talon lenses anywhere anyone who knows where to get them would be a big help...thanks
If you're talking about the turn signals in the headlight, you have to take them out yourself. I know there was a write-up or link to the instructions on Basically, you heat the headlights up in a stove for about five minutes. After this, the lenses should come off (they're siliconed on). Then you simply take the amber piece that covers the turn signal out. Then put the headlight back together using the same process. I'm not 100% sure on the steps, but you can find a write-up somewhere.
I have thought about doing the same thing to my 1G, but can't figure out how to take the darn lenses off the car... Course, I only poked around, didn't look too hard. Anyone have a tip for this?

Thanks for the write up, that is very helpful... but the problem I am currently having is actually removing the housing from the car itself... guess I gotta tear the whole front end off, right?

yeah you need to take the bumper off to get to the bolt on the bottom. maybe i'll make a writeup for that one day
thanks for all your help fauchpj when you put it back together at the end of the project you just push the pices back together then get the glue hott..brfore you put the metal clips back on...
yo i have another question for you do you know how to install clear side marker lights? where is there a webpaige to show you how to do that...peace
Originally posted by ECLIPSE4x4
just put a flat edge in the backside of the light and push forward, it should come out. It is only held in with a clip.

make sure you put a rag underneath the screwdriver or your paint wil come off the bumper
Originally posted by strunk
are you sure you wont scratch up the bumper

ya just put a rag underneath the flathead. i think it even shows you in the owners manual
I have a thread about this a few posts down where I asked the same question... I just jacked my front end up and did it from underneath, worked out fine and took 5 minutes... no chance of scratching anything.
Originally posted by ECLIPSE4x4
Has anyone done this with the 97-99 lights and have pics of them?

Yeah, check out my gallery. It was easy with that writeup!


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OK, So I completed this simple task today. Someone else told me that instead of BAKING them in the oven, to try and boil them in a pot of hot water. So I did the first one with the boiling method. What a pain in the ass.

Method two: Bake them in the oven. VERY easy to do. The glue that holds these two lenses together is some nasty stuff... But the heat from the oven makes this stuff act like some kind of nasty super chewing gum. The removal was painless and quick, and the finishing result looks GREAT! I'll post some pics later tonight.

i took my side markers off and attempted to seperate them and they seem to be glued together so im heating them as we speak to see if it makes it easier.... any help dawg? our light are identical
~laser_craver~ said:
hey what temp and how long did you leave em in i dont wanna melt my sh it LOL.

I use 225 for removal (I'd rather have to pull harder than get damage), and 250 for reassembly (I want it done in one shot!)
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