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check engine light

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Dec 6, 2002
Chicago, Illinois
ok i got my 3in catback put on by mineke on friday. They did a great job and everythng was fine till i was driving later friday night and my check engine light went on, but everything seemed ok and ran normal. So the next morning i disconnected the negative wire on the battery to reset the ecu and the light didn't come back on. Now today just driving around the light comes on for no reason again. Now I think its got to be my second O2 sensor b/c when Mineke took it out they heated it with a blow torch then broke it loose off the stock exhaust b/c there was alot of rust. Anyways wouldn't this heat hurt the O2 sensor or damage it? Or is it just a coinsidense that the light goes on the same day my new exhaust goes on and it might be something else?
-Why not take your car to AutoZone or some other chain store to have them read to code for you for free?
Also I don't know if the heat would have killed it but if they sprayed any chemicals on it that might have killed it. Thats what happend to mine.
There are few cars these days that still use OBD I . Most of these places will be able to read your codes with the equipment they have. I read my codes with a Snap On scan tool with programing for GM. These tools do have a feature to read genaric codes like I did today. What they can't get is a reading of the O2 sensor in realtime or any other vehicle function but they can read your codes.
Like slow99x said, they should be able to read your codes. The car is OBDII and most parts stores have OBDII scan tools. Please have the codes retrieved and list the specific P-Codes that the computer has stored.

The light will not come on for no reason. There's always a reason. Just because you do not feel a change in vehicle performance does not mean that there's not a problem.

The o2 sensor is designed to withstand a certain amount of heat. Obviously because it's stuck directly in the path of the exhaust gases. It is NOT designed to handle flames from a torch and chances are it was destroyed internally by heating it. However, without specific P-Codes... we're pissing in the wind and potentially spending alot of your money for no reason guessing at what part is failing.
yeah i went to autozone and they hooked my car up to the scanner and found out it wasn't 02 sensor but a egr problem. As soon as they unplugged it the dummy light went away. So i got home and checked the egr selenoids and found a vacuum line that popped off. So i hope that was the problem.
When has AZ started doing that? The last time I went there in Cdale they told me they could not do it. I knew they could do 420as but I did not know they could do 4G63s. Meh, I still like my pocketlogger.
i go there frequently for scans.. josh knows them and has used their scanners. he says they do it. maybe you got some jerk that didn't want to spend 5 minutes running your shit.. you know how those autozone guys are..
Right, but I just got of the phone with the Manager down there at Carbondale Autozone and he said that he cannot pull codes for the 4G63, only the 420a. I don't know if you remember or not but pulling codes on a car like mine and a car like yours is totally different. Some autozones prolly have better scanners than others. Personally I don't think the guys at A/Z are jerks. They have all been cool to me and honestly thats prolly one of the best Autozones I have ever been to. Although up here I tend to go to advanced or Orilieys.
The engines are different yes. But the software used on OBDII cars is the same. The 420A cars have a two cable connector. The 4g63 cars have one. But the one they have is identical to one of the two we have. I have a palm with SPX/OTC scan tool software. I also work at a dealership in a state that now requires OBDII status inspections in some counties. The software used in OBDII cars HAS to be compliant with EPA laws. Part of that compliance is making the software generic enough that it can be checked by almost anyone with a scan tool. If the location you go to has an OBDII scan tool that is able to check 420A cars built 96 and newer, then they have the same ability to check the 4g63 cars built 96 or newer.

One of the many reasons for going to OBDII software is for the purposes of making the code retrieval easy for almost everyone.

Just roll up and don't pop the hood. Just ask them to plug in the scan tool and retrieve the codes.
Thats cool Doug, I don't know why people just automatically assume that stuff will not work on our cars. Its almost as bad as when I went to the Marion IL Mitsu dealer with my eagle and fought with the guy for over a half hour because he told me that a 2G talon and a 2G eclipse were nowhere near the same car and they had nothing in common. :)
my check engine light just came on in my 96 eclipse gst. my car is bare stock right now and i dont have a clue as to why it came on cuz the car starts and runs fine. i havent been driving it since it came on, i've been gettin around in my winter beater cuz i dont wanna risk killing my engine. the closest autozone is like 5 miles from my house, do you think it'd be safe to drive it there to get scanned?
When the light came on, did it keep flashing or just come on and stay on?

Typically a constant on light will not do any significant damage to the engine if you're simply driving it to and from the the place retrieving the codes. If it's flashing on then the condition is normally more serious and may give you driveability problems while driving there or possibly cause damage.
no the light just stayed on when i started the car. i've turned the car off several times and restarted it to see if it woud go off, it didnt. and i even disconnected the negative charge on my battery to reset everything, and sure enough it stays on. its not flashing though.
yea i'm dropping the car off with my mechanic for a few days to have him run the codes and get back to me as to what the problem(s) are. thanks for the advice. i'll keep u updated when i get the codes back
autozone in my town checked my cel for free, but i had to call around to the diferent autozones in town til i found one that could. I guess that not all of them have the same equipment. but, saved me the $50 or so that a dealer would have charged just by calling around.
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