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CF wedding band?


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 27, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa
Hello all. Haven't posted on this site in years just cause I got out of the dsm scene forever ago. Reason I have reappeared is because I have a question and I don't want my girl seeing this. Thinking about taking that fateful dive into marriage and my girl is dead set I need a ring. I'm a mechanic for a living and most mechanics don't wear them at all, but my girl is stubborn. So I've been thinking about what kind of ring I would want and I've heard about carbon fiber rings. I know it doesn't conduct electricity and I've heard it would shatter if I got my hand crushed instead of slicing my finger off. I've tried looking online but most crap I find is eBay or some other crap site for $25. Anybody know anything about carbon fiber wedding bands? How much, where at, what to look for? I don't wanna be cheap and pay like $30 but I also don't wanna break the bank. Thanks in advance.


Proven Member
Jan 20, 2015
Kula, Hawaii
I got a ceramic one that looks identical to tungsten (dark and shiny). Has held up well over 4 years, and doesn't get cold in cold weather. I don't wear it usuall when I'm working on cars, but I have and it hasn't scratched or chipped at all. I'm unsure what would happen if your hand got caught in something but I suspect it would be better than metal. It was about $90 btw.


Proven Member
Feb 20, 2010
Kauai, Hawaii
Just take it off while you work bro. That's what I used to do, before my injury :(. My wife was the same way when we first got married. But my dad shared a good story with her about working and rings/watches. And she was cool after that. Find some utube vids to show her why it's a bad idea LOL. I just put mine in my wallet while I wrench and put on once I'm done. My dad used to keep his in his ash tray in the car while he worked. ;) you got some options and congrats bro. Marriage is a special bond and a honor to God! I crack up watching that all girls garage show and they all have rings on like every finger LOL, not smart at all.
Last edited:


Proven Member
Jan 12, 2013
Paris, Tennessee
Take two wooden dowels same diameter as her and your finger. Wrap aluminum foil around them. Soak about 1" wide strips of CF fabric in resin and wind tightly around those dowels until you get to thickness that looks good. Wrap some tape around them so they won't unwind and leave overnight to set. Next day use a die grinder or some hand tools (a small saw and files) to shape both rings. You can use a drill as a laithe to make shaping easier. Then paint both rings with a brush using either paint or resin. Then sand, polish, buff and you are set.


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
I know a few mechanics that wear there wedding band on a necklace, The chain is short enough that id does not go past their chin when they bend over to keep it from being a tangle hazzard.

Or you could opt and get a wedding band tattoo, and leave the real ring in her jewelry box so it can be worn on special occasions.


Proven Member
Dec 14, 2010
San Fernando, California
I have a tungsten carbon/ carbon fiber patter wedding ring. They will shatter if hit hard enough. One time I took my road bike out for some excersice and hit a patch of sand on the road. I took a hit going 20-25 mph. I was able to put my hands in the way to escape injury but my ring wasn't so lucky. It was about $140 if memory serves me right, so I just replaced it. I've banged it by accident several times on the kitchen table without damage. You have to hit it pretty hard. Lately I've been trying to open my beers with it but haven't mastered the technic yet :D


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 27, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa
I keep seeing this etsy thing. What is this I may ask? I'm not big into the Internet, my life is pretty busy with 3 kids
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