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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Drove the car out to get groceries today. It's running great now, but I've been wondering how long the 11 year old rear tires would last. One of them gave up about a quarter mile from home. I could hear the air rapidly evacuate. You could say I got every penny's worth from it. A new set of tires has been in the plans since the beginning.


With it being 98 degrees out now, I discovered that the A/C function is intermittent. Sometimes blows cold, sometimes does not. The compressor surges, so I'm assuming the pressure sensor provides borderline readings. So I grabbed my R134 recharge kit and headed out to see if the charge was low or close. Well, turns out it's an R12 car. I figured since it were a '93 model like my Prelude it would be the same. It's actually 10 months newer than my Prelude. What a head scratcher. Time to order some fittings so I can run R134 in this thing. I've got plenty of PAG oil and R134 already.

Also notice how the Accord says "Made in USA" and the Prelude does not. Also "Honda of America" and the Prelude says "Japan". I know it isn't a direct import because I have all the dealer paperwork from Tennessee in '93 and it isn't RHD. Another head scratcher.


*scribbled last 3 of VIN for my safety*
The other day, I didn't even look at the fittings. I just saw the big shiny "R12" sticker from the factory and made the assumption that no changes had been made, especially since the car hasn't been worked on in a long time. Well today I find this little sticker, after wiping the dust off. It's hard to read, but I've seen this before and know exactly what it is. The car has already been swapped to run on R134A. Ramp Industries was a popular A/C shop in Birmingham around 2 decades ago. The bottom line reads "R134A REFRIGERANT ONLY". That answers this question, and makes my job easier.

My other question was also answered recently via some paperwork. The Accords were built and sold in the U.S.
The Preludes were built and sold in Japan, shipped to Ontario Canada, then shipped to the U.S. where the buyer paid the tariffs. Japan adopted R134A before the U.S.

It was time to install a new battery and new terminals. This isn't my favorite battery and especially not the terminals, but I get the terminals for free with battery purchase and 30% off the battery from Advance Auto. Everything is functional and definitely looks better.

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