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Car stumbles for 3 or 4 sec. and barely starts in!

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Mar 24, 2003
Minneapolis, Minnesota
My problem started Tuesday morning. I got in my car to go to work and when I started it, it sumbled a few times then shut off.....the whole time all my HUD lights where flashing on and off. Yesterday morning did the same thing. But it fired right up the second time I started it. this morning it did the same thing, but didn't shut off....after 4 or 5 seconds of it doing that it just fired up to about 1500 rpm until it got to normal operating temp and then dropped down to 900 rpm.......anyone got any ideas what it could be? when I get home from work i'm going to check the plugs and wires, but anyone else have any different ideas, or backup the plug/wire thought?

check all ground wires and bat terminals ( be sure to clean them too!) . Start from the basics( check for loose connections, ect ect ,before you start replacing parts ):talon: :dsm: :laser:
Sounds almost like you have no fuel pressure too. Did you just do a pump? If you messed up an O'ring and your fuel pressure bleeds down, it can take a few seconds to pump back up. A gauge on your fuel line anywhere should tell you this.
no haven't done a fuel pump job...but I am in the market for a 225lph pump and an 8 gauge wire upgrade....but like I sais, it only happends for a few seconds then runs fine all day...and I let it sit at work for 4 hours then go on lunch and it starts up fine.....then I let it sit for four more hours and starts up fine at 5:00 when I go home....its just after sitting for overnight, cause I rarely leave again after I get home from loss of fuel pressure would make sense.

Do you think its worth it for an aftermarket autometer fuel pressure gauge? cause I've been thinking about getting one of those when I do the pump upgrade.
i had same problem. its fuel pumpl. all i do to solve the problem is just turn the key to on and a little past w/o starting the motor, for like 4-5 seconds, then it starts right up and is fine.
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