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1G Can't get into reverse

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


Probationary Member
Nov 28, 2003
I'm new to dsm so please be patient with me. I have a stock 91 gsx with 190k on it. My question is I can't get the car to shift into reverse, 5th is also hard to get into. I have to push the shifter lever as far to right as it will go to get it to go in. I have only had the car a short time. The only thing I was told is the engine was replaced. I did read all about the proper shift cable brackets but I don't think the tranny has been replaced. All other gears are fine no grinds not even when I do get it into 5th. As far as shifter cable adjustment goes How far out of adjustment could cause a problem like this? I did drop the the t-case and the out put shaft from the tranny that goes to the t-case has a fair amount of movement in and out is this sign of a problem? The reason I ask is I'm about to buy a new tranny but if there is a fix that would great. Sorry this post is so long.
I did a the adjustment posted on the vfaq. I can get it to go into reverse, from what I can tell anyway. As soon as I get the power steering fixed I will be able to really tell if it worked. But reverse lights come on now hopefully that is a good sign.
I just got a 96 that I could not get into reverse. I just pulled the tranny last night. Should I expect internal problems with the reverse or can I assume that it would be an adjustent like mentioned above? (Also, which adjustment did you do?)
I had this same problem shifting into reverse with my transmission after I managed to grind into 5th really hard one night at the track. It was an easy fix. Just pull the end cover off the trans and check out the fifth and reverse gears on the end of the spool. The two gears for fifth and reverse should nest together and slide in and out from one another easily. The teeth on those gears in my trans were mangled and fused together because of the bad grind into 5th gear. The fix was simple, I just took off the nuts on the end of the spool and removed the 5th/reverse gear pair that was fused together. I then put the fused gear pair in a vice and tapped out the inner gear with a hammer. After that I just used a file to grind the mangled teeth on the gears until they were able to slide freely into one another again and re-assembled the transmission and Tada.. I have reverse again. :thumb:
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