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BW S300-66


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 11, 2011
Denver, Colorado
I have the S366 with my new setup but am still about a month out. The reason I got this turbo is first hand experience with friends Dsm's. High flow rate at upwards of 82lbs min. The extended tip wheel makes for quicker spool. A buddy's talon running E85 1650cc hit 35psi @ 4900 rpm and has made 730hp on a DynoJet with some leg left in it. Made a believer out of me, but we'll see:thumb: also Twin scroll is the way to go.


Supporting Member
Jun 2, 2004
laurelton, New_York
I'm running s300sx8875(BW S300-63) with a.91 TS housing

Running 26.5lbs boost car is a beast midrange and topend however I need to do some ducting to increase my cooling efficiency and lower my IATs due to the tubular TS t4 headers, huge ETS 4 inch cooler and AC condenser blocking the radiator. Should pick up even more hp at the same boost once I take care of the issue mentioned. The 366 will I kels spool slower but have more power upstairs same boost level.Stay tuned!!

There is a guy on here with a vid of him driving showing what the 366 feels like or looks like in his car.
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Dec 13, 2005
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
That's a bit misleading to the average consumer.

Compare two identical compressor wheels....we'll use the 20G for example. Wheel #1 is 52.5/68mm just like any other 20G out there in the past two decades- wheel #2 is an extended-tip design with a 68mm backplate O.D. but a 73mm spec tip-to-tip as shown in the illustration. Wheel #2 is not going to outspool wheel #1....that's impossible. What they're stating is you stand to get the airflow and performance benefit of having a traditional wheel with a 73mm backplate O.D. but without the increased mass and inertia of actually having a wheel with a 73mm backplate O.D.

So when comparing an extended-tip wheel to a non-extended wheel of the same inducer and exducer (backplate) spec, the primary benefit would be greater airflow at higher pressure ratios. So an extended-tip S366 will offer the user better performance at higher boost levels than a non-extended S366 but spool will be nearly identical.
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