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Built head on a budget?


Proven Member
Mar 6, 2010
Miami, Florida
Hey guys the other day my timing belt tentioner gave up when i pulled out of the gas station in to the road about a mile away from home :(. I knew immediately what it was and shut it down and lucky me was able to coast home . after checking the damage i pulled the head to reveal that i had ever so slightly bent valves . now my question is can i get the top line valves and just throw them in there and be fine? Do i need to get valves ,valve guides ,seals? I also plan to get some 272 cams but im not sure what brand i want as i am on a budget. Are the HKS valve springs good? i was looking around and came across this>DSM Graveyard - Your #1 Source for DSM Parts! are these any good ?

to sum it up I want 272 cams and valves and springs on a budget ive seen brands like supertech, and hks they are cheap and claim to hold 272s and more.

[email protected]

Proven Member
Mar 8, 2009
Indiana, Pennsylvania
I would use a set of stainless valves, reason being the OEM (as well as OEM equivalent) valves are a 2 piece design where the stainless are not. I have seen some of the higher mileage valves snap the heads off with bigger cams and stiffer springs. Where this may not be the case in all cars, it does happen from time to time. Also the stainless valves have an under cut head to increase flow.

Depending on mileage, the guides may be ok. I would have them checked.

I would 100% change the seals.

HKS springs are good, but they can get a bit pricey.

Build it right and build it ONCE.

PM me for pricing on the parts you are looking for I am confident I can get you the parts you need and keep you within your budget.



Proven Member
Sep 29, 2002
Altamonte, Florida
it really is going to depend on the budget that you have for it. Get the head check out for any real damage but typically, you'll need to service the valves, guides and seals.

Since you'll have the head off and part, see if you can budget some machine work and such. Also, make sure it's resurfaced before you put it together.

good luck.


Proven Member
Jul 1, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
the engnbldr stainless valves are a good piece for the money.

depending on how much the valves bent .. you may have cracked guides, if you do the guides need replaced, and will take it out of the relm of you doing it your self.

also the factory spring are most likley weak by now... think of how many miles are on them and how much they have been reved.

also spring will vary in price by who makes them, on a budget head build with stock retainers the BC1100 springs work fine (when they are installed properly) with the factory retaniners, and will will work just fine with the BC cams or smimular, I am not sure about them working with the kelford or kelford clone cams due to there agressive ramp rates.

here is some spring info to read thu....

now if you get the head resurfaced, DO NOT LET IT BE BELT SURFACED!!!!!!!!

the head surface should look like this... weather MLS or composite...

also the head should be measured for thickness.

and you may want to do this oil mod.
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