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Building boost on converter issue


Proven Member
Jan 28, 2016
Seekonk, MA, Massachusetts
Trying to achieve 12-14psi /3200-3400 rpm no nitrous. Currently only getting 3psi 2800rpm.

I’ve tried 10, 17, 22 degrees timing in stall area, 17 seems to be best. I’ve tried advancing cam gear from 0 to 2 and get no different behavior between them. I’ve tried 11.5, 12.5, 13.5 AFR gas ratio and get nothing different. The 2 remaining things I’m going to try is switch out to a lower viscosity fluid like Valvoline ATF+4 and probably put some m5 in the car and see if that wakes it up.

Open to any input anyone might have. Yes, I know nitrous is the solution and I do have a 50 shot setup in the car but there is a specific race that is coming up quick that doesn’t allow nitrous. So that’s my issue at the moment. Here is a mod list

4g63 7bolt
2.4 OEM crank
Wiseco HD 9.5:1
Manley light I beam
2g head (+1mm exh std int valves)
S1 cams
Evo3 intake manifold / 60mm OEM TB
2g exhaust manifold ported to match 7cm gasket
TPC turbo G30/G35-900 (62mm compressor, 58mm turbine 9blade, 10cm hotside)
Externally gated off O2 (24psi spring)
FIC 2150 w/Walbro 535
2g trans 6 friction, welded diff, shift kit built by Aaron Gregory
IPT restall 2g converter (bought 2nd hand and he claimed 3800 stall)
Hygard trans fluid
Shift Four box w/ paddle shifters w/ 2nd gear stall wired up
Arc2 ignition box
3g master, 3000gt front calipers, evo8 rear calipers
On e85


10+ Year Contributor
Dec 17, 2009
Pensacola, Florida
It’s absolutely stupid and shouldn’t work, but I’ve honestly had better luck with going rich and low timing during brake boosting on my autos. Lean and higher timing seemed okay but never quite enough. Someone gave me their info that they went pig rich (10.5’s) and low timing (6-8*) so I tried it and it worked.

Just my 2 cents. Messing with the cam gears and etc never worked for me either.


Proven Member
Jan 28, 2016
Seekonk, MA, Massachusetts
Yeah I just put a 50 shot on the thing.
3000rpm 4psi pushing slightly through brakes
3300rpm 6psi pushing through the brakes hard

I am almost positive this converter is stock. When driving it, I let off the gas and press the gas again and its instantly engaged. There is no window for any slip and acting like a stock dsm trans I am driving. Looks like I got sold a stock converter that was painted black.

Car Cannibal

15+ Year Contributor
Jun 7, 2003
Chicago, Illinois
That converter doesn't match your combo, you'll need a Precision to wake that 60ft up etc.
By the way, how you like that G30-900?
What housing did you choose?
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