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Build your own O2 sensor simulator

Install a high flow cat or eliminate it all together? Tired of the check engine light? Did you try the spark plug non-fouler trick to no avail? Then build your own O2 sensor simulator.

*note* You would be modifying your vehicle in a way the factory never intended. If something goes wrong and you mess something up, I am in no way responsible.

First, the parts list: (all from Radio Shack)

(1) 3" x 6" project enclosure
(1) Universal perf board (cut it to fit the enclosure)
(1) 271-1134 1m Ohm resistor
(1) 272-1055 1.0 micro-farad metal film capacitor
(2) 271-133 50 ohm 10 watt resistors (These are two packs. You need 4 resistors total)

Step one:
Remove your driver's seat and the center console.

Step two:
Locate the wire for the O2 sensor under the carpet and follow it to where the connector is taped to the floor under the carpet. Disconnect the connector and remove your post-cat O2 sensor. Put a new grommet in the hole in the floor to keep the water out.

Step three:
Cut the harness off of the O2 sensor as close as possible to have as much wire to work with as you want. Make sure to plug the empty O2 sensor bung. I went to AutoZone and got an oil drain plug (part# 050-090.1)

Step four:
Build the O2 simulator. Make sure you solder all connections. None of this twisted wires and electrical tape crap. I used the diagram at vfaq and one I found on this site. Wire the four 271-133 resistors in parallel to the black wires. Wire the 271-1134 resistor and the 272-1055 capacitor in parallel to the blue and white wires. I used four resistors instead of three because it seemed that three was getting a little too hot. I drilled a few holes in the cover of the project box to allow air to circulate to keep everything cool inside.

The diagram from vfaq:
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Picture of wiring courtesy of BoBbOrAzE:

My finished simulator:
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Step five:
Plug in your new O2 simulator and enjoy cel-free motoring!

Oh yeah, Step six:
Reinstall your seat and center console.
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