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Best brands/ 1st modifications on a 97 gsx 4g63. Just curious what the more experienced people think. First dsm ive owned


Probationary Member
Nov 17, 2022
Port orchard, Washington
New to tuner cars want my gsx to reliably handle 400whp. I have a very healthy low mileage vehicle ive done all maintenance to its ready to modify dont want to make a bad purchase you guys know more than i do im here to learn

Hank Hill

Probationary Member
Feb 1, 2019
Swansea, Illinois
Hello and welcome! Let me 1st start by saying I'm no expert as far as DSM's are concerned. I do have some years of dealership experience as a mechanic, FWIW. That being said I would definitely go over and check out the "resources" section. Over there you'll find different threads about modification paths, performing basic maintenance and making sure you have all that done ( I realized you said you had all that done, but it never hurts to double check you got everything covered.) I would even suggest reading the thread about helpful hints to search the forms otherwise you know you might spend hours looking through stuff that Doesn't pertain or isn't helpful to your particular situation. as far as " best brands " You'll find that no matter what, even outside of the DSM world, people are gonna have their own opinions As to what they think's best. One thing I have seen from being on here is you want to avoid cheap eBay turbos And other vital engine or transmission type components. Here are some links that are hopefully you'll find helpful that to get you started, But like I said I would definitely recommend checking out the resources section As it also has different things about commonly asked questions and things along those lines ya know.

And again welcome to the site And world of DSM In general! Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need there are definitely some helpful things you'll find on here and some very helpful people!

Do be sure to check out like the supporting vendors websites for parts and things as they are usually people that have been in the DSM business for a while and they typically carry the good quality parts. You will also find by going through the forums that youll run across different independent people, I believe they're called free lancers, That are starting to 3-D print, machine, or otherwise produce obscure things that you really can't find any more, or better quality things than OEM. Also for on here, even on Facebook purchases, it is always recommended that you pay with PayPal goods and services. That way just in case you do run into a bad seed and they try to just take your money and run, you Should be able to get your money back at least through PayPal.


10+ Year Contributor
Sep 15, 2009
Stanstead, Vermont
I'm going to shamelessly recommend you check out my top 10 tips video for new DSMers;

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