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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Aug 21, 2002
This is a dumb question but my friend just got a 1g tsi awd, and when he got it there was no bcs, just a line going from the turbo to the wastegate. What does that mean?
That means that he has no boost control. Pretty much whenever his BOV decides to start sending out the pressure reading, it goes directly to the wastegate telling it to open and slow the exhaust wheel. I bet when he jumps on it he doesn't get much boost. Just tell him to go out and order a MBC and a boost gauge so he can dial it in.
It means there's no more "boost cut". The ECU no longer has control of the turbo. This can have both good and bad side effects. Back in the day, I removed the BCS sellinoid, and it caused boost creep, but that was probably more from the EVO 02 and 3" exhaust.
SH*T that sucks because thats me. I was doing ok with the boost first day. Second day it was boosting mad and I started getting fuel cut. Then next day blew off intercooler pipe and I fixed that but now belts are squeaking when I get to about 4000rpms and I'm to scared to drive it. Any ideas on what would cause this. Oh and right after I noticed that the car would barely move when I would hit the gas. Almost like shifting into 5th when you should be in third (in other words driving a honduh). But I need help because this is causing me problems and I don't have money for anything for about two weeks (I want to get boost guage and controller). What should I do and what do you think is wrong?
headrec* - boost leak.

the sound of a large boost leak can be mistaken for squealing belts. think of whistling IC pipes.

make yourself a boost leak tester and find the leak, fix it and be on your way.

TalonRacer18 - the direct hookup for the actuator shouldn't be problem. the WG actuator will open when the boost overcomes the spring pressure. which should be about 12-14 psi. YMMV.

jbillakdsm - the BOV does not send anything to the actuator. a common place to T the boost controller is off of the BOV boost source.

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