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AWD 7 Bolt XTD Stg 3 Review (Sry, No Pics)

I know for some time now, people have been wondering about whether or not eBay stuff is junk or if it really is hidden gold lost in a wholesalers battlefield. Whenever the topic comes up, it's usually a battle of the guys with dough to throw down on $800+ street FMIC kit or fab up some piping and slap an eBay front mount, either way guys, I commend you and all for getting the job done, regardless of what route you take, no one is better or worse, but we all have one please, keep an open mind.


I ordered the kit on a Wednesday from Ebay's Amico Clutch dealer with the intentions on installing it the next week. Well, after Paypal and eBay did all their transacton payment confirmation, the kit was shipping with a reliable tracking number. I recieved it that following Monday and the package came in with good shipment conditions, although I wish they would have used alittle more bubble wrap between the PP and the Puck. Installation instruction were pretty vague, as they pretty much didn't have a set guideline specifically for DSMs. WARNING: the Warranty won't be honored unless you can show proof that the flywheel was resurfaced before installation. :thumbsup:


Now this is why I forgot to take pics, it was raining and I had to trek up to Wisconsin with the tow truck driver to my buddy's house in Kenosha. Mind you Chicago ordinance wouldn't appreciate a guy dropping a trans in the middle of the street. In my case, I got a 99 GSX flywheel resurfaced from Carquest (The one in Worth, IL does a good job and will measure the flywheel in front of you and ask you if you have any 2 step measurements that you want done specifically.) 40 bucks, but I tipped the guy 5 bucks since he was the only guy there and he finished in 4 hours at .610. For the most part, everything lined up perfectly, I ordered new flywheel to PP (or PP to flywheel if you will) bolts from mitsu, along with a new fork and pivot ball.

You do not have to shim the ball for this set up! the PP is not rated high like a 2600, in fact, I believe their stg 4 white PP is rated at 2300lbs. You do not need to extend the slave rod for this installation either. The TOB seemed alittle flimsy, it spins pretty good with no indication of that feeling you get when you say "Man, I hope this will hold". But, I used to work for Satan, and a pack of smokes with get me a discounted new Mitsu TOB.

Break In

I don't break in clutches.


I know I'll take a lot of beef and pork from some guys,"Oh, that's probably why you fried your last clutch, you don't break in. Not really. I broke it being a dumbass and trying to look cool, but one thing about DSMs, you learn to appreciate them after seeing them on a flatbed. That and my last clutch didn't have Dowels and 2 bolts missing for the PP to Flywheel :(

All in all, the pedel feels nice and stocky if you're heavy footed, alittle more stiffer if your new to aftermarket clutches. But, you get used to it. Be warned that a 6 puck will piss you off in traffic, especially city traffic, but you will get used to it. I get alittle chatter on going from a stop, but I believe it's me being lazy between red lights. When my revs are good, the clutch engages smoothly and pretty quick. But, in my opinion, it doesn't really matter too much if you're hub sprung or not, a puck style WILL have different characteristics from full faced.

I hope this review will help some guys with their questions and concerns about no name "crap." Overall, I'm pretty satsified and after 2500 miles so far, it's be holding up to it's no name status. I don't drive like a crazy nut anymore, but remind you this is Chicago stop and go I give XTD a plus 1 for their product. Thanks guys for the space!
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