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Anyone else learned stick on their dsm?

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Dec 19, 2002
I remember the second day I owned my car I was in the middle of the intersection making a left and when the traffic cleared I took the turn in third from a dead stop and hardly giving it any gas... I never felt so sorry for my car :( Well maybe that time when I redlined 2nd and shifted into 5th...

Anyways I was kinda goin around the turn... I just kept on and off the clutch. I thought the car was gonna shake to peices :) Poor dsm :( Bet I looked really stupid :laugh:

And people wonder why their used DSMs are so unreliable :p
My '94's clutch is almost like an electric switch, it's IN or OUT. I'd hate to have to learn in that one. The '95's a dream, really easy and smooth.
I learned in a '64 VW Bug, it was pretty easy, then I had years of Datsuns.
I think the _best_ feeling clutch/transmission was a Mazda B2000 pickup, the whole box was just happy.
Then again, we had a '73 Datsun 1200.... once rolling, my dad and I never used the clutch in that little thing, it just slipped back and forth however you wanted. I took a friend for a ride in it one time, when it was well-used, and we pulled up to a red light. He looked at me and asked, "Did it die?" No, it was just idling, quiet and smooth as could be.
well i learned in a 89 Nissan pickup... i sucked SOOOOO bad at first then i got used to it and just thought of it as a much wider motor cycle... (always road bikes since i was 7) hehe i finaly got to where i could power shift it some.... im not even thinking about trying that in my DSM though...
ya i got to learn in my 99 eclipse, and u should have seen the look on the cops face when i gave it to much gas and burned out right next to him...
i learned in a 4r focus at school. only 2 days. but 6 months later and i didnt drive stick. i went to test drive my gsx. that was really embarrasing. i stalled once or twice and i put it in 3rd instead of 1st twice. that sucked. but i got the hang of it. and i agree the awd saved me from doing burn outs.
I learned on my 94 tercel, with its good ol "Four on the floor" tranny. And Ive taught at least 5 of my friends how to drive that car too... wow, no wonder why its slowly dying on me...
I learned on my 97 GS-t at 16. I stalled a few times. My Dad tried to teach me, but it didn't work. I just went out one day and learned myself. It wasn't the easiest car to leran stick with but I did it
i taught myself in my laser.

i bought it from a guy about 45 minutes away from me, and i had to have him drive it to my house, since i had no clue how to drive a manual.

the next day i went out and taught myself while rallying in my yard. :D

no one in my family knows how to drive a stick, other than my grandpa, who always tell me i need to double clutch, and i'm like's synchronized grandpa, i dont need to.

thats my lil story. :thumb:

btw, i never stalled the car either...although the first time i was on a hill, i laid some tracks! LOL they are still there too. along with the dirt under my car from rallying in my yard in the snowy mud.
I just learned reccently on my car. It is harder, after buying an already modded front wheel drive car, to stop yourself from doing burnouts on accident. I can drive it like nothing now (I just learned like a month ago) but for a while before I really got the hang of it I would just dump the clutch, you should talk about seeing peoples faces.OMG
I bought my 91 when I was 16, and the dealer who sold me the car taught me how to drive 5 speed during his lunch break. Learned in like 20 minutes, and within a week or so I was awd launching it. :D
I learned on a Saab 9-5 in Sweden last summer. That was fun. Since then ive driven my '03 Focus ZX3, '03 Hundai Tuburon, '02 Mustang GT, and a '01 Vette ;). I have tought 3 people how to drive stick in the focus. Which has the worst slipping clutch in the whole intire god foresaken world. Doesnt catch untill it is fully out. I only need to push it in 2 inches to fully disengage. Only another reason why im selling it and gettin a GSX. But man, those were good times in Sweden. I stalled once in the middle of an intersection, and had like 10 people yellin at my in swedish. that was cool. Did u know that they have 2 different licnses over there. one that only alows u too drive auto cars, and one that alllows u to drive auto and stick. What a brilliant idea. Different lincense tests for the differnt ones too. Just my $.02.
Yes, this is my first car, and first I've driven with stick. Dad taught me about the synchronization between gas and clutch, then i just drove it around the neighborhood by myself for a week, I stalled out a good 30 times at least.
well since i just installed my new ACT 2100 clutch i found out i suck at shifting (rather leting the clutch back out) ??? becouse it engages so soon or grips so much harder one...

my 90 gsx was my first car still is and will ever be, but it was also my first stick and I felt so ashamed to drive it when I did. I could stall it, pop the clutch and rattle the teeth out of any passenger that got in. My to best freinds were launching there 1.8's and making me embaressed when they rode with me. To solve the problem I just spent one whole day and three full gas tanks, after that they finally learned the true meaning and respect of a GSX over the 1.8er's.
yeah my dad gave me his 90 TSI AWD as my 16th birthday present still trying to fix it though so one day i will share my embarassing learning experience:talon:
My DSM is my first stick car, but I learned to drive stick in my friend's '95 Cobra and my other friend's Kia Rio (with no RPM meter!)
I learned how to DRIVE (not just stick) in my Eclipse. It was my mom's before it was mine, and she taught me how to drive stick on it - took me to a empty school parking lot to learn, then proceeded to throw me into the deep end of a traffic jam going uphill on a bridge.

I didn't actually own the car until two years later....
I just learned how to drive a stick when I bought my DSM two months ago. I can remember stalling on a hill about 30 times when I was trying to drive the car to work. I was scared to drive it the first few days I owned it but within a week I had it down good :>
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