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another win for the talon

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Oct 27, 2002
i was crusing home when i heard the faint sound of an exhaust i turn a corner and it was a 350z OMG so i pull up next to him he goes i down shift and pulled like 3-4 cars on him we pulled into a gas station it was this mid 40's dude with his wife he was cool as crap it was a copper bronze color with 19"ro-ja's cat back exhaust and intake this car was gorgeous!!!! he was like "damn kid what the he|| is in that thing" i was like "barely anything" he was impressed. so i am pretty happy with my car right now .......just thought i'd share....anyone else with such luck with any of these new cars comin out?:talon: :thumb: :dsm:
its not a 350z but i killed a mazdaspeed protege.:thumb: and i am totally stock

yeah im not stock i have intake, 3"turbo back , mbc, fuel pump, upper and lower intercooler pipes,greddy bov, plugs and wires,so i mean i guess thats not bad considering my car cost only $7500 and his $35+
i got OWN3D by an SRT-4 about a week ago...

and some HOT brunette chick was driving it

i was taking off from a traffic light, just minding my own business (only shifting at about 3000) when she makes a right hand turn & follows me.

she rev's while she's behind me, and then chirps the tires and from about 20mph. by the time she gets up in front of me, i'm back down to second gear.

she honks 3 times, and we race from a roll of 25, i pull harder than she does from the start, but since my tranny/clutch have only been in for 500-600 miles, i only shift at 5500, not to put the stress from redlining it.

i hold her off until about 70mph, then once i shift into 4th, she just makes easy pickings of my FAIRLY new tranny. after she passes me, i slow down, and she slows down too. we pull into the Meijer parking lot and stop to chat for a minute.

turns out she has a few mods done to it, she popped the hood, and showed me a nice home made intake pipe, with a TurboXS dual stage MBC, and she showed me the inside, and she had an A'PEXi S-AFC, 3 gauges: boost, volt, and heat. i also noticed the nice muffler she had, i dont know if it was a cat-back/turbo-back, I doubt it, it sounded good, but not that good.

anyway, i show her my little setup, nothing 16G running stock boost levels, and my bling bling engine bay that I just finished painting when I put my tranny back in.

she was pretty cool, and i marked it down as a loss, but didn't think i would last that long against one of them. :p
Did you get her number? Sounds like she could be one heck of a GF!
Dont buy her roses, buy her a part!
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