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Alternator was giving 17+v, now electrical issues


Proven Member
Mar 22, 2010
Gasport, New_York
So im working on a friends car trying to get it going after an alternator went and was overcharging everything.

Needed info on his car:
97 Eclipse Spyder GST
7 bolt with evo 8 ecu swapped in. this was working perfect before this happened
There were no issues with the car before this happened, everything was perfect on it.

The problems he's having are:

ETACS was COOKED when this happened
Power windows dont work, any of the 4
Convertible top will not do anything.
Defroster does not get power
Unable to log or flash to ECU - just retrys with evoscan and errors with ecuflash
ABS light is on now
Radio does not work

What ive done to find the few issues:

ETACS: Replaced with one from a 96 tsi, all issues still present but a few functions are back (door buzzer/key reminder)

Power Windows:
- fuse blows when switch is plugged in. tried new switch. The windows WILL go up/down if i supply them with 12v from the blue/black wire on both driver and passenger doors. but once i plug in the window switch and try to do it with the window switch, the fuse blows under the hood. Ive replaced the relay under the hood and under the dash.

Convertible top:
- Ive checked fuses, but after reading through the service manuals it shares common power with some of the wires that are effected by other things so i assume when i get those fixed this one will fall into place and work

Defroster - checked fuses, all good. thats as far as ive gone with this one

Unable to flash or log to ecu:
- OBD pins 4+5 are getting ground, and pin 16 gets 12v when ign is on as it should, this was with the old etacs too, same with the known good one. Pin 1 and 7 are good all the way to the ecu.

ABS + Radio - havent really looked into them as abs doesnt bother me, and the radio i can figure out later.

Ive also looked all over the wires, and none of the wires melted, ive even looked behind the fenders, doors, and taken out the dash to get a better look with no signs of further damage.


Proven Member
Mar 22, 2010
Gasport, New_York
luv2rallye: ill do the lightbulb thing tmrw. After talking with the owner, turns out the guy he bought it from had tons of stuff wired in (gauges, lights, led's, etc) and im pretty sure that when he ripped it out, somethings probably shorting out now. so im going to do the lightbulb thing tomorrow and go from there!

reddragon1: Alternator and battery were replaced.

Found it: a few more actually, heres the entire list of what needed.

ETACS Replaced
Power window motors replaced
power window relays replaced
power window switch circuit board

and this is what i found this morning:

Convertible top ECU in the back was shorted out, and one wire inside was shorting out, pulled it apart and reconnected it to the proper spot.

And found the short that was causing the rest of it: On the driver side window switch, the blue + black wire was shorting out and providing the green wire w/ red stripe with 12v. Which is fine, except the switch works by always grounding the green+red wire. Thats why it would blow when we plugged in the switch and tried to use it - it grounded the green/red wire, therefor grounding the blue+black wire, blowing the fuse.

Thank god for the Electrical service manuals!
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