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After the first day of having the gsx


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Mar 10, 2009
Minot, North_Dakota
After debating whether or not to buy a local gsx, I decided to go for it.

Mod list is as follows:
Turbonetics 50 trim
Turbonetics cast manifold
Greddy FMIC
Speed density
Minor trans rebuild with double synchro 1-2
HKS 272s
Rebuilt head
5 bolt o2 housing
AEM Wideband
Front and rear 2GB conversion (headlights are still 2ga though :notgood: so the bumper fits weird until I get new ones)
Ebay projectors (the light pattern doesn't seem that bad actually with HIDs)
17x7.5 gramlights with 245/45/17 tires

Got it last Thursday technically, but it got a flat on the way to my house when he was delivering it :fp:
Here it is that night

So, we decided that he would buy a new tire for it but I didn't feel comfortable putting just one new tire on an awd, so I decided to buy two...or four :-( The lady at firestone did her job well, I bought 4 new tires with road hazard warranty and a lifetime alignment (which I had on my old car).
245/45/17 doesn't seem to fit very well...


So, added 3mm spacers and solved that problem :mrgreen:
Finally get it home after the whole tire fiasco and begin the work.
Interior before:


Annnndddd, no after, not yet anyways. Hopefully I will finish the interior Tuesday. I forgot to take pictures of the HID wiring but it was pretty bad. It was open turbo so I bought a 4" intake and filter for it, cleaned up the HID wiring and concealed the ballasts better. The front bumper was pretty much hanging there so I took it off and put all of the bolts in the headlights.

To be continued in build thread: This week
Completed interior (Swap my black interior in along with seats)
Fix oil leak
Fix coolant leak (I think there is one?)
Clean up under the hood and conceal some wires and sensors
Replace shifter assembly with the one from my gst
Change oil and refill coolant
Get IAT bung welded on my VRSF fmic and put it on in place of the greddy fmic - DONE
Put bumper back on - DONE
Put on end cap
Wash the damn thing - DONE
Swap over the coilovers from my gst - DONE
Put on camber kit and possibly replace upper knuckle bushing - Partly done
Swap out radios between the gst and gsx

Later on: Within a month or two depending on how much my gst sells for and how quickly
Put on my complete fuel setup that I bought from GST on here. (-6 AN line from tank to filter, to rail, to fpr, then stock return line) - DONE
Change all fluids in drivetrain
Fix gas leak (Can't fill above half a tank or it leaks)
Fix exhaust leaks (Gaskets are bad)
Get need2boost to tune it

Reeaallyy later on: Whenever I get around to it/get money/something blows up/decide to go faster
Build 2.4 from previous owner
Put on either hx35 or hx40
Get new downpipe
Do a custom catback like on my gst (I loovveedd the sound)
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