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ECMlink A few logs from 2012 s16g 35-37lb/min

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Feb 20, 2010
Kauai, Hawaii
Heres a few logs I dug up for the haters LOL, old computer and from 2012 LOL. Used Small 16g rebuilt by myself, 35-37lb/min about 19-20psi boost nothing fancy was pretty much maxed and gave me great results. Car ran consistent low 12's with this setup and was only getting faster the more I drove it, had potential for high 11's. Was a really fun setup on the track and street. This was on a 240k original motor that came in the car. All the work and tuning done by myself, not bought already built! I have several more logs, cant seem to find a few and my old computer sucks. Ill update once I locate. thx just wait till the gvr4 is up and running again 12's on a 14b! :)


  • log.2015.09.06-01.elg
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  • log.2015.09.06-02.elg
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20+ Year Contributor
Apr 21, 2003
kalamazoo, Michigan
I liked the small 16g too back in the day. Back in 2004 with a 2g maf, 650's and SAFC, my daily driver. Probably ran a hundred low 12 second passes with a best of 11.98 at 115. Race weight was ~3070lbs.

GST with PSI

DSM Wiseman
Jul 27, 2005
San Diego, California
Your MAF comp needs work. You ECU is commanding mid 9 AFRs, which is super rich. Somehow, you're still ending up around 11.0 though, which is right where you should be to make power. You want your AFRatioEst to line up exactly with your WBO2. The two graph lines should be right on top of each other when your MAF is dialed is properly.

Looks like you were having the same problem I currently am with boost dropping off at redline. The factory WG actuator just doesn't have the spring tension to keep the WG from blowing open up top at higher boost levels. I'm looking into Justin's modded Holset WG actuator as a solution.

Your IATs are nice and frosty, which always helps make power.

Was this a full weight car? And what tires were you on?
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